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Chapter 2019: Chapter 2019 I’m not that capable


“You… ”Mrs..Guu did not expectFanggXiaoo to be so disrespectful to her Thus, her face darkened She could not help but snort coldly, “how can our Chen Chen compare to those women outside “those women are just wishful thinking and like Yun Heng, while our Chen Chen and Yun Heng are in a romantic relationship and like each other. The two of them were once engaged. You can’t deny this point. “

“What does being engaged mean? ” Fang Xiao looked sideways at Mrs. Gu and found her words funny She couldn’t help but say indifferently, “I think Mrs. Gu also understands that divorce is no longer a rare occurrence in this society. An engagement doesn’t mean anything big. So, not to mention that your daughter used to be Dongfang Yunheng’s fianc��e, even if she used to be Dongfang Yunheng’s wife, it’s still the past, isn’t it “The past is the past. Mrs. Gu should know this better than I do, right? “

“You… ” Mrs. Gu Heard Fang Xiao say this She was so angry that her face turned red and then white. She took a short breather Then she looked at Fang Xiao and asked fiercely, “tell me, how do you want to let Dongfang Yunheng go? How do you want to help Yun Heng and Chen Chen? As long as you give me your conditions, as long as I can do it, I will try my best to satisfy you. “

“Hehehe, it seems that Mrs. Gu has indeed gone to great lengths to get her daughter to marry Dongfang Yunheng. ” Fang Xiao could not help but laugh She turned to look at Madam Gu’s face that was like a Palette and said, “I think Madam Gu must have found the wrong person today. It’s because the relationship between Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen is not a problem for me to fulfill everything. I don’t even have the qualifications to do so. The key person is Dongfang Yunheng. As long as he is willing to marry Miss Gu Chenchen, do you think I can stop him? ”

Fang Xiao paused at this point and continued, “of course, if he is not willing to marry Miss Gu Chenchen, then do you think I can persuade him? “

“Mrs. Gu, I think you may have overestimated my ability. In fact, I’m just an ordinary woman. A woman like me doesn’t have the ability to do what you think. “

After saying this, Fang Xiao immediately opened the door and got out of the car. She felt that talking to Mrs. Gu was a complete waste of time.

Moreover, after eating two sticks of spicy food, her mouth felt numb and spicy. She had said so much nonsense, so she wanted to get out of the car and buy a bottle of water to drink.

“As long as you leave Dongfang Yunheng, as long as you don’t appear in front of him, ” Mrs. Gu immediately said to Fang Xiao, who was about to open the car door, “just like five years ago, after you and Yun Heng separated, he naturally fell in love with Chen Chen. “

When Mrs. Gu said this, she became angry again She looked at Fang Xiao and said, “originally, Yun Heng and Chen Chen had a very good relationship over the past few years. If you hadn’t appeared in front of Yun Heng last year, he wouldn’t have any estrangement with Chen Chen. Perhaps they are now married. “

“If that’s the case, Mrs. Gu still thinks that my existence has destroyed the relationship between your daughter and Dongfang Yunheng, right? ” Fang Xiao looked at Mrs. Gu The corners of her mouth pulled into a mocking smile as she said, “Mrs. Gu, I think you haven’t forgotten that at the end of last year, I returned to Hui city to get married. This should be considered as completely withdrawing from the relationship between Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen, right “during that period of time, why didn’t Dongfang Yunheng marry Gu Chenchen? “