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Chapter 2018: Chapter 2018 there were many women who loved him


“Mrs. Gu, is there something you need me for? ” After Fang Xiao asked this question, she brought the spicy skewers to her mouth and took a bite. As a result, Mrs. Gu frowned. It was obvious that she was very repulsed by her indecent behavior.

“You should eat the spicy skewers when they’re hot. They won’t taste good when they’re cold later, ” Fang Xiao explained to Mrs. Gu Calmly. At the same time, she had no intention of throwing away the spicy skewers and continued to eat.

When Mrs. Gu Heard Fang Xiao say this, it was obvious that she would not throw away the spicy skewers for her sake. She thought that she had something to discuss with Fang Xiao, so she could only endure it, even though the spicy skewers that she had tested red, black, red, and black made her feel extremely disgusted.

“I think you should have heard about Chen Chen. ” Mrs. Gu drove the car to a remote place and stopped. Then, she turned her head to look at Fang Xiao, who was still eating the spicy skewers.

“heard? ” Fang Xiao did not understand what Mrs. Gu meant. She took the last bite of the spicy skewers and asked Mrs. Gu, “heard what? What happened to Miss Gu? “

“Fang Xiao, don’t play dumb with me! ” Mrs. Gu was very dissatisfied with Fang Xiao’s knowing-it-all attitude. She could not help but raise her voice. “Chen Chen committed suicide for Yun Heng. Don’t tell me you don’t know about this? “

“suicide? ” Fang Xiao was completely dumbfounded. She looked at Mrs. Gu with her eyes wide open and frowned slightly. “When did Miss Gu commit suicide? I’m sorry, I really don’t know about her suicide? “

“How could you not know? ” Mrs. Gu was even more furious now. She couldn’t help but remind Fang Xiao, “Chen Chen said you were there that day, and your brother saw it too. “

“Oh, you’re talking about the day Miss Gu kidnapped my brother? ” Fang Xiao came to a realization.

“What kidnapping your brother? Don’t make it sound so bad. ” Mrs. Gu was very dissatisfied with Fang Xiao’s kidnapping She couldn’t help but snort coldly. “We only invited your brother to that place as a guest, but we didn’t touch him at all. If it really was a kidnapping, do you think your brother would be unharmed? “

“This… ” Fang Xiao was speechless. She really wanted to say that a kidnapping didn’t necessarily have to be so painful ? I was also kidnapped by Du Caiwei, wasn’t i? At that time, I was only locked up in a small room and starved for a day and a night …

But in the end, she didn’t say that Instead, she said indifferently, “Mrs. Gu said that Miss Gu committed suicide because she used a dagger to pierce through her own abdomen that day But at that time, Miss Gu didn’t say that she committed suicide for Dongfang Yunheng. She only said that she wanted to return Dongfang Yunheng’s child to Dongfang Yunheng.”

“Chenchen is already pregnant with Yun Heng’s child, yet you still want to snatch Yun Heng from her hands. ” Mrs. Gu was really angry when she said this She couldn’t help but say angrily, “Fang Xiao, can’t you have a shred of conscience? Chenchen loves Yun Heng so hard. Can’t you understand them and help them properly? “

“Hehehe, look at what Mrs. Gu said. ” Fang Xiao could not help but laugh when she heard this Then, she said indifferently, “Dongfang Yunheng is too famous and is a public figure. There are many women who love him. There are also many women who love him hard. When I was working as Dongfang Yunheng’s secretary last year, there was once a woman who wanted to jump off a building for Dongfang Yunheng. “

Fang Xiao paused at this point, then looked at Mrs. Gu and said, “according to Mrs. Gu’s logic, whoever loves Dongfang Yunheng hard has to help her. Then, your Gu Chenchen probably won’t get a chance, don’t you think so? “