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Chapter 2017: Chapter 2017. A noblewoman came knocking on her door


Unfortunately, when she felt that Fang Chen was not in the special school, she found out that he had gone to city g with the coach to play a game. He would probably be back in two days.

“Fang Chen is a good basketball talent. He is young and energetic. The coach thinks highly of him. He will probably introduce him to the Basketball Club after the new year, ” the principal said to her Then he said with relief, “he can be considered a star in our special school. We are very proud of him. Fang Chen is very good. We all like him very much. “

When Fang Xiao walked out of the special school, her eyes were still hot. She was very gratified by her brother’s good work. She thought that even if her brother’s iq remained at five or six years old for the rest of his life, she would not feel much regret anymore After all, her brother already had a career that he liked.

For the entire afternoon, she did not know where to go, so she walked aimlessly through the streets and alleys. She only thought that the sky would turn dark soon, and when it turned dark, she could go back to the dormitory.

During this period of time, she was not very willing to go back to the dormitory. She usually worked overtime at night and always went back very late. She dragged her exhausted body and fell asleep in her room after taking a shower.

She did not like to stay in the dormitory because his things were everywhere in the dormitory. He had clearly not come for ten days, but the dormitory still seemed to be filled with his smell. Even when she closed her eyes, she could think of his every frown and smile.

It was in this short span of ten days that she washed her bed sheets, quilts, pillowcases, and so on twice. This was because when she slept at night, she could always smell his smell. It was as if he was lying next to her He was domineering and strong, trapping her in his arms.

There were barbeques on the street, and the spicy smell rushed into her nose. She only felt that it was incomparably delicious, so much so that she almost drooled. And she had clearly eaten lunch.

She looked at the time. It was only slightly past three in the afternoon. She was clearly not that hungry, but for some reason, she always felt that the spicy smell was too tempting. After swallowing a few times, she finally could not control her appetite and walked up to buy two skewers.

The snacks on the street were not expensive, only five dollars a skewer. Ten dollars to buy two skewers was quite a lot. She ate the spicy skewers as she walked. It was really delicious, even if it was very spicy.

She could not understand herself. She was clearly a southerner, and the thing she disliked the most was chili, especially this kind of spicy. In the past, she would have been scared off by a piece of Red Flower, but now she was enjoying it so much.

Just as she was enjoying it, the spicy food made her mouth red and even slightly painful. A car quietly stopped in front of her and rolled down the window.

The honking sound woke her up. She lowered her head to eat the spicy food and looked up. Only then did she see the person in the car window. In the driver’s seat was the noblewoman who had once looked for her in New Jersey.

Of course, it was not Dongfang Yunheng’s mother. She finally understood that this lady was not Mrs. Dongfang, but Mrs. Gu, also Gu Chenchen’s mother. Why had she never noticed that Gu Chenchen looked like this lady before?

“Miss Fang, can you get in the car for a moment? ” Mrs. Gu saw Fang Xiao standing there blankly and took the initiative to greet her. Without waiting for Fang Xiao to answer, she quickly added, “I have something to talk to you about. “

Fang Xiao nodded. She looked at the spicy skewers in her hands that she had not finished eating. After thinking for a moment, she did not throw them away. She took the spicy skewers and opened the passenger door to get in the car.