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Chapter 2014: Chapter 2014: How could Miss Gu be so stupid


Dongfang Yunheng was stunned by Gu Chenchen’s words. He did not understand what was wrong with Gu Chenchen. Why was she still trying so hard?

He was about to marry Fang Xiao, and he would never see Gu Chenchen again. How was she going to work hard She knew that there was no result, so why was she trying so hard?

Dongfang Yunheng was about to open his mouth to persuade Gu Chenchen not to be stupid. He would never accept her. Unfortunately, before he could open his mouth, Gu Chenchen had already turned around. She waved her hand The two people who were originally guarding Fang Chen hesitated for a moment before walking away.

“sister, ” Fang Chen saw the person who was guarding her walk away and immediately walked towards Fang Xiao. The man who was 1.8 meters tall threw himself into Fang Xiao’s arms like a child and said coquettishly, “sister, I miss you so much! “

“sister misses you too. ” Fang Xiao raised her head slightly and looked at Fang Chen. When she saw that he was unharmed, she was relieved and quickly asked, “are you hungry? Sister will take you to eat. “

“And brother-in-law. ” Fang Chen broke free from Fang Xiao’s arms and pointed at Dongfang Yunheng. “I want brother-in-law to eat with us. “

Brother-in-law Fang Xiao glared at Dongfang Yunheng and could not help but complain in a low voice, “what did you say to Chen Chen? “

Dongfang Yunheng laughed and said softly, “nothing much? Does Fang Chen think that I look like his brother-in-law? Besides, don’t you want me to be Fang Chen’s brother-in-law? “

Before Fang Xiao could answer, she heard the sound of someone falling to the ground behind her. She was slightly stunned and immediately turned around with Dongfang Yunheng. Then, she was completely stunned.

Gu Chenchen was lying right in front of them, and her face was as white as a sheet. One of her hands was pressing on her chest, and the other hand was grabbing the handle of the dagger. The dagger had already pierced deeply into her stomach Fresh blood was slowly oozing out from the handle of the dagger.

“Chenchen! ” Dongfang Yunheng hesitated for two seconds before quickly reacting. Then, he quickly ran towards Gu Chenchen, squatted down and carried Gu Chenchen horizontally As he frantically ran towards the door, he shouted loudly, “quickly call an ambulance, call an emergency number… “

Dongfang Yunheng’s voice was panicked and desolate, like a wild beast running in the vast desert after losing its companion. His figure flashed past Fang Xiao and her brother, and then quickly disappeared into the abandoned factory.

“Why is that Miss Gu so stupid? ” Fang Chen’s eyes widened as she looked at the door where Dongfang Yunheng had disappeared. She asked in a daze, “sister, why did she stab herself in the stomach with a knife? That would hurt! “

Fang Xiao could not help but sigh in her heart. She thought that Gu Chenchen was certainly not stupid. She was extremely smart. She had just said that she would work harder, but in the blink of an eye, Gu Chenchen had shown her a way to work harder.

Dongfang Yunheng carried Gu Chenchen away, and the people he brought with him also left. The people that Gu Chenchen had invited also took the opportunity to leave quietly after seeing that Gu Chenchen had stabbed himself in his stomach.

Fang Xiao held Fang Chen’s hand, and the two siblings slowly walked out of the abandoned factory. Fortunately, Du Caiwei had only lost her phone when she kidnapped her and did not confiscate her change, so she was not penniless at the moment.

Fang Chen complained that she was hungry. She took Fang Chen for about two kilometers and found a small restaurant in a nearby town. The two siblings ate something before taking a ride back to the city.