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Chapter 2004: Chapter 2004, you lied to a three-year-old child


The so-called complete set of tools was not false at all. The official seal and the steel seal were all brought, so the marriage certificate was handled very smoothly. It did not take much time. In less than twenty minutes, it was all done.

“here. ” Qiu Yitang threw the marriage certificate to Du Caiwei and then said indifferently, “well, now we are a legal couple. You can let Fang Xiao Go, and then you can come down with Fang Xiao. We will go back together. “

Qiu Yitang’s words were extremely sincere, as if he and Du Caiwei were a legal couple. Du Caiwei actually enjoyed hearing it very much.

Du Caiwei was very happy immediately. She took the red marriage certificate and looked at it again and again. Then, she turned around and walked towards the small wooden house. She took out the key and was about to open the door to let Fang Xiao out.

The matter suddenly changed at this time because Du Caiwei found that her key could not open the lock of the small wooden house, so she frowned slightly She could not help but shout at Ah Kun, “Ah Kun, what’s going on? Why can’t the lock be unlocked? “

Ah Kun’s face was dark as he said coldly, “I don’t know. If it can’t be unlocked, then it can’t be unlocked. What does it have to do with me? “

Du Caiwei was a smart person. She immediately knew that AH KUN was behind it, so she quickly walked to his side She asked in a low voice, “what do you mean? Aren’t you going to say it? If they meet my conditions, they will release Fang Xiao. Now, Qiu Yitang has already registered his marriage with me. Hurry up and release her. “

“I can let her go, but you have to stay. ” Ah Kun looked at DU CAIWEI and snorted coldly, “Miss Caiwei, I remember that you haven’t paid me off yet, and once you go down the mountain, you will become the young madam of the Qiu family. At that time, you will still recognize who I am? “

“I will pay you later. ” Du Caiwei quickly whispered to Ah Kun, “hurry up and let her go. Didn’t we agree that in the future, I will… “

“Are you lying to a three-year-old child? If you become the young Madam of the Qiu family, will you still come out and fool around with me? ” Ah Kun scoffed at DU CAIWEI’s words Then, he said coldly, “now, I’ll give you two conditions. First, I’ll immediately release Fang Xiao, but you have to stay. Second, I won’t let anyone go. Don’t even think about leaving with that Qiu guy. Everyone stays on this mountain. You know very well who will suffer in the end. “

Du Caiwei was a little anxious when she heard Ah Kun’s words. She didn’t expect that AH KUN would actually take a fancy to her, and she was no fool. Of course, she wouldn’t want to be together with this hooligan.

Thus, her eyes darted around Then, she hurriedly said, “Ah Kun, I know you like me, but Qiu Yitang and I have already gotten our marriage certificate, right “How about this, you pretend to let Fang Xiao go first. Anyway, you have many people. Then, during the process of us going down the mountain, you can think of a way to kidnap this woman, Fang Xiao. Wouldn’t it be better to leave her as your woman? “

“Hehe, do you take me, Ah Kun, as a big fool? ” Ah Kun couldn’t help but laugh when he heard her words He snorted coldly and said, “Miss Du Caiwei, I think you should understand that the woman in this room has a backer. I can’t afford to offend that Dongfang Yunheng alone, not to mention Qiu Yitang. Look, I’ve locked her up here. Have I ever provoked her? “

Du Caiwei was furious when she heard Ah Kun’s words. She couldn’t help but say angrily, “Do you think you can afford to provoke me? Let me tell you, I’m now the young Madam of the Qiu family, the wife of the richest man in Hui city. Do you think… “