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Chapter 2003: Chapter 2003 only needed to control du Caiwei


Fang Xiao completely ignored du Caiwei’s jeers and jeers Instead, she looked at Qiu Yitang and Dongfang Yunheng under the big rock and shouted, “I’m here. I’m fine, but you have to be careful. Du Caiwei is a very scheming woman. Don’t fall for her tricks, and don’t agree to any of her conditions. “

“Get in. ” Du Caiwei came over and pushed Fang Xiao a little with her hand. She immediately pushed her head into the window Then, she snorted coldly and said, “I let you out just to let them see if you’re here. To prove to them that I’m not lying. I didn’t let you be long-winded here. “

Fang Xiao still wanted to say something, but du Caiwei didn’t give her a chance. Because the wooden block that had just been lifted fell with a clang, the window was gone again.

“See? Did I lie to you? ” Du Caiwei said to Qiu Yitang with a smile, “Yitang, as long as we get the marriage certificate, I’ll immediately release Fang Xiao. Anyway, what she’s thinking, thinking, and hoping for is that Dongfang CEO. So, I’m not worried that she’ll become the third party between us again. “

Qiu Yitang’s face darkened when he heard this. Although he knew that Du Caiwei had said this on purpose, he had unintentionally told the truth. That was that Fang Xiao really did not have the slightest bit of nostalgia for him now.

He did not know if he was too stupid now, because Fang Xiao was already very far away from him. Even if he saved her, she would still not return to his side.

However, he also knew that if he did not save her, then Du Caiwei, this ruthless woman, would definitely torture Fang Xiao to death. And he owed Fang Xiao too much. He did not want to owe Fang Xiao anything more At the same time, he also wanted to try his best to make up for it.

Therefore.. He looked at Du Caiwei and said indifferently, “that’s fine. Hand over your documents. I’ve brought the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau’s Marriage Registration Office over. He has brought his seal over. Now, he can help our class with the marriage procedures and also fulfill your long-cherished wish. “

“That’s good. ” When du Caiwei heard that she could marry Qiu Yitang, she was immediately as happy as anything. Therefore, she hurriedly took out her identity card and household register from her bag and threw them down. However, she did not come over.

Dongfang Yunheng frowned. He had thought that when Du Caiwei came over to hand over the ID card, he could grab her arm and pull her down from the big rock.

As long as they could control du Caiwei, everything would be much easier. They could exchange Du Caiwei for Fang Xiao, and the other party would not refuse. After all, Du Caiwei was their financier. Without du Caiwei, they could not even get the money.

But who knew that Du Caiwei, this woman, was so cunning that she threw the ID card down. From this, it could be seen that she was already prepared for this.

In fact, Du Caiwei did not have this kind of awareness of prevention. It was because the Ah Kun beside her had this awareness of prevention. That was why du Caiwei would use this method to throw down her documents. In fact, it was all because of that Ah Kun who taught her.

Dongfang Yunheng gave the so-called Civil Affairs Bureau staff a look. That person immediately understood. He picked up Du Caiwei’s evidence and pretended to look at it. Then, he took out the two red marriage certificates he brought and wrote them.