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Chapter 2001: Chapter 2001: I will exchange my marriage for Fang Xiao’s freedom


Gu Chenchen’s move against Fang Chen had already been predicted by him. That was why he sent Wu Jianping to the special school to keep an eye on Fang Chen. Initially, he thought that she would make a move last night. He did not expect that she would only make a move this morning.

The whole incident of Gu Chenchen Kidnapping Fang Chen was within his expectations and control. It could even be said that Wu Jianping’s men had deliberately allowed Gu Chenchen’s men to kidnap Fang Chen. Now, Gu Chenchen’s men were all under Wu Jianping’s control Why did he rush back?

There was no need to rush back. He had to save Fang Xiao on the mountain and then bring Fang Xiao to save Fang Chen. At the same time, he had to take the opportunity to tell Gu Chenchen what kind of opponent she had chosen and what kind of teammate she had chosen.

Qiu Yitang saw Du Caiwei was stunned Then, he said indifferently, “alright, Caiwei, the matter between us has nothing to do with President Dongfang and Miss Gu Chenchen. You’d better release Fang Xiao quickly. This way, we can hurry up and complete the transaction. Then, everyone can go down the mountain. It’s already noon. If we go down later, it’ll be troublesome. “

“Humph, do you think I’m an idiot? ” Du Caiwei snorted coldly at Qiu Yitang’s words Then she said angrily, “Yitang, I know it’s wrong to use such a method to force you to marry me, but I had no choice. If you had married me earlier, I wouldn’t have made such a move, don’t you think so? “

“I’m not saying whether you’re right or not now, ” Qiu Yitang said impatiently, “it’s no use saying this now. Whether it’s right or wrong, in short, we’ve already come this far. I’ll use marriage to exchange for Fang Xiao’s freedom. That’s it. Hurry up and let her out. “

“I’ve already said that we have to get the marriage certificate first. ” Du Caiwei did not give in. She looked at Ah Kun who was standing behind her with a determined look.

Although Qiu Yitang had brought the civil affairs bureau staff and Dongfang Yunheng up the mountain, there were only three of them. On Her side, Ah Kun had six people.

In terms of numbers, her side naturally had the advantage. Similarly, in terms of terrain, her side also had the advantage because her position could be said to be commanding. She could retreat, defend, and attack. There was no need to worry at all.

On the other hand, Qiu Yitang’s side was clearly at a disadvantage. This was because Qiu Yitang only had three people. At the same time, their position was also below them. Moreover, that place was narrow. People had to stand carefully. If they were slightly careless, they would have to slide down the mountain.

Ah Kun had chosen this place. At that time, Du Caiwei had thought that climbing the mountain was troublesome. She had said that it was slippery and unstable. However, at this moment, she had chosen this place so well.

Qiu Yitang frowned slightly and whispered a few more words to Dongfang Yunheng Then, he nodded and was about to give in. “Alright then, let’s get a marriage certificate first. However, the prerequisite is that you must let us see Fang Xiao and let us know that she is indeed here and that she is still alive. Only then will we feel that you are sincere. “

Du Caiwei was slightly stunned by Qiu Yitang’s request. This was her first time being a kidnapper. To be honest, she did not understand many of the rules. Therefore, she did not know if Qiu Yitang’s request was considered excessive.

Therefore, she turned her head to look at Ah Kun behind her and asked him in a low voice if he could do it. Ah Kun nodded his head and whispered into Du Caiwei’s ear, “okay, promise him. “