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Chapter 2000: Chapter 2000 General Manager Qiu was not a fool


Unfortunately, the people she found were not familiar with the special school, so they had to stop for a while on the way to the special school. So when they arrived at the special school, it happened that Dongfang Yunheng went to the special school to ask Fang Chen about Fang Xiao.

Of course, they could not act under such circumstances, so they quickly reported the situation to Gu Chenchen. Gu Chenchen listened to the report of his men and did not dare to act at this time, so he quickly ordered his men to go back, saying that they would talk about it at night.

Gu Chenchen’s group of people naturally listened to Gu Chenchen, so they did not kidnap Fang Chen this afternoon. Dongfang Yunheng also received Qiu Yitang’s plan in the evening, so he quickly rushed to meet up with Qiu Yitang Then, he rushed to the mountains in northern Guangdong with Qiu Yitang, so he was not hindered by Gu Chenchen.

Just when Du Caiwei was stunned, Qiu Yitang and Dongfang Yunheng had quickly arrived in front of her. Looking at Du Caiwei who was standing there in a daze, Qiu Yitang frowned slightly.

“Caiwei, I’ve already asked the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau to bring their seals and ID cards over, ” Qiu Yitang said to Du Caiwei indifferently. “Release Fang Xiao now, and then get the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau to help us get our marriage certificate. This way, we can be considered married, and then Fang Xiao can let her go, right? “

“Release Fang Xiao at this time? ” Du Caiwei couldn’t help but sneer when she heard Qiu Yitang’s words She said mockingly, “Yitang, I’ve been by your side all these years. I haven’t learned anything else, but I’ve definitely learned how to take precautions. Do you think I’ll release Fang Xiao before you and I get our marriage certificate “Once you let Fang Xiao Out, will you still marry me? “

“President Qiu isn’t a fool, ” Dongfang Yunheng calmly took over du Caiwei’s words from the side Looking at this woman who was as crazy as Gu Chenchen, he said, “if we can’t be sure if Fang Xiao is safe and intact, president Qiu won’t get a marriage certificate with you either. You should know this in your heart, Miss Du. “

“Haha, President Dongfang, you actually still have time to care about my marriage with Qiu Yitang, ” Du Caiwei said with a hint of mockery hanging on the corner of her mouth. “If I’m not wrong, Fang Chen is probably already in Miss Gu Chenchen’s hands at this moment, right “If you’re not rushing over to save Fang Chen, what are you still doing here “Do you think that I’ll let Fang Xiao go just because you’re here? “

“Fang Chen is indeed in Chenchen’s hands right now, ” Dongfang Yunheng replied bluntly. Then, he looked at du Caiwei coldly and said, “but since I’ve already come to this mountain, I can’t return empty-handed, right? “

Du Caiwei was slightly stunned. She had asked this question clearly to find out if Gu Chenchen had attacked Fang Chen. This was because she had changed her cell phone number after kidnapping Fang Xiao, and the new number was only used to contact Qiu Yitang She could not remember Gu Chenchen’s phone number at all. Moreover, she definitely could not call Gu Chenchen at this time.

However, she did not expect that Dongfang Yunheng would be so honest to tell her that Gu Chenchen had indeed attacked Fang Chen. From what Dongfang Yunheng had just said, it seemed that he only found out about Fang Chen’s kidnapping when he arrived at the mountain area of northern Guangdong.

Dongfang Yunheng did not know that Fang Chen had been kidnapped until he arrived at the mountain area of northern Guangdong. To be precise, he only found out about it this morning. When he received Wu Jianping’s call, he was already on the mountain. He had already climbed almost half of the mountain.