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Chapter 1999: The plan for Chapter 1999 did not change quickly


While Fang Xiao was still thinking about this, Du Caiwei had already quickly opened the door and walked in. Of course, she did not give Fang Xiao the chance to follow her out because the moment she stepped out of the door, the door was slammed shut with a bang.

Fang Xiao ran to the door, but in the end, she was hit by the nose between the doorknobs. The pain was so painful that tears rolled down her face. Fortunately, she did not get a nosebleed.

“ouch. ” Fang Xiao rubbed her nose with her hand and looked at the thick wooden door. She wanted to find a crack on the door or the door frame to look outside, but she could not find it. She did not know who made this door.. There wasn’t even a crack.

Du Caiwei heard that Qiu Yitang had come with the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau. She was so happy that she immediately walked out of the small wooden house. She thought happily in her heart that she was finally going to marry Qiu Yitang She had finally fulfilled the dream of the young Madam of the Qiu family.

However, when she walked out of the small wooden house and walked towards Qiu Yitang who was gradually walking towards her, she was stunned. Because she not only saw Qiu Yitang, but also Dongfang Yunheng?

What was going on Why would Dongfang Yunheng come here Wasn’t it that woman, Gu Chenchen, who had tripped Dongfang Yunheng How could Dongfang Yunheng have the time to rush here?

Could it be that Gu Chenchen, that woman, had changed her mind midway and did not carry out the mutually beneficial plan that she had agreed with her To let her work here alone?

But, that was not right Didn’t Gu Chenchen also want to marry Dongfang Yunheng Could it be that she had changed her mind now and did not want to marry Dongfang Yunheng?

Actually, Du Caiwei had really wronged Gu Chenchen on this point. Compared to Du Caiwei who wanted to marry Qiu Yitang, Gu Chenchen wanted to marry Dongfang Yunheng more. This point.. Gu Chenchen’s desire for Dongfang Yunheng was definitely not lower than du Caiwei’s desire for Qiu Yitang.

Du Caiwei and Gu Chenchen’s original plan was like this.

Gu Chenchen blocked Dongfang Yunheng and let du Caiwei kidnap Fang Xiao. Then, Gu Chenchen asked Dongfang Yunheng to take her to the hospital to delay Dongfang Yunheng’s time, so that Du Caiwei had more time to kidnap Fang Xiao.

Actually, this first step was carried out very well, and the two of them cooperated very happily. That was why du Caiwei’s kidnapping of Fang Xiao went so smoothly, and Dongfang Yunheng did not catch up with Fang Xiao at that time.

However, their next plan was for Gu Chenchen to quickly go to the special school to kidnap Fang Chen, and then use this opportunity to once again block Dongfang Yunheng. Thus, Dongfang Yunheng had no choice but to think of a way to save Fang Chen As for Du Caiwei’s side, it could only be Qiu Yitang who saved Fang Xiao.

Originally, the plan was flawless. Du Caiwei used Fang Xiao to blackmail Qiu Yitang into marrying her, while Gu Chenchen used Fang Chen to blackmail Dongfang Yunheng into marrying her. Thus, both of their goals were achieved. Then, their dreams could be realized As for Fang Xiao, she was, of course, alone in the end. No one could marry her. She could only be an old woman for the rest of her life. Moreover, she was a one-eyed woman.

Unfortunately, the plan did not change quickly. In fact, Gu Chenchen’s actions were quite fast. After she broke up with Dongfang Yunheng at the hospital, she quickly arranged for people to go to Fang Chen’s special school to kidnap Fang Chen.