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Chapter 1997: Chapter 1997 — Lady Qiu was mine to begin with


After arguing with Du Caiwei for so long, Fang Xiao finally realized that she was no match for Du Caiwei in terms of arguing. Therefore, she decided not to make a sound and let du Caiwei sing a one-woman show.

Du Caiwei cursed a few more times. When she saw that Fang Xiao was as silent as a deaf person, she finally lost her enthusiasm for cursing, so she automatically stopped.

However, she did not stop for long. It was only for a minute or two. Then, she looked at Fang Xiao and said proudly, “Fang Xiao, actually, I didn’t come into this small wooden house to quarrel with you. Because quarreling is of no benefit to you or me. “

“…”Fang Xiao was completely speechless at this woman, Du Caiwei. Since she knew that there was no good, why did she still bark like a mad dog for a long time?

“Then why did you come here? ” Fang Xiao endured her temper and asked coldly. She didn’t have the mood and strength to quarrel with Du Caiwei.

After all, she hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday noon. No, to be precise, since yesterday morning.

In short, she hadn’t eaten anything for more than 24 hours. She was so hungry that she was exhausted. Fortunately, Du Caiwei had only come in to argue with her. If she had fought with du Caiwei, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat her.

“Of course, I came in to report a piece of good news to you. ” Du Caiwei had also restrained her shrew-like appearance from before. She even pretended to be elegant and indifferent.

“Good News? ” Fang Xiao didn’t have the slightest bit of happiness after hearing Du Caiwei’s words She looked at Du Caiwei coldly and said, “I don’t believe that I can hear any good news about me from your mouth. It seems that you have always been a symbol of bad news to me, right? “

“Hehehe, I didn’t expect you to have such a deep prejudice against me. ” Du Caiwei could not help but laugh coldly Looking at Fang Xiao, she pretended to sigh and said, “although you have a deep prejudice against me, I won’t hold it against you. I came in today to tell you that it won’t be long before you can return safely this afternoon. “

“Will you be so kind to let me go? ” Fang Xiao obviously didn’t believe du Caiwei’s words. This woman had taken advantage of her many times, especially during the erotic photo session. Therefore, she was instinctively wary of Du Caiwei Although she knew that Du Caiwei was actually a woman who was hard to guard against.

“Of course I don’t have such a good heart. ” Du Caiwei yawned as if she didn’t sleep well last night. Then, she said indifferently, “however, since Qiu Yitang has agreed to marry me, I naturally have to let you go, don’t you think so? “

“You used me to blackmail Qiu Yitang into marrying you? ” Fang Xiao’s eyes really widened this time, looking at Du Caiwei as if she was looking at a monster. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“What’s so strange about this? ” Du Caiwei was obviously dissatisfied with Fang Xiao’s reaction. Fang Xiao was such a fake woman. She was clearly the one who deliberately sabotaged her and Qiu Yitang in the middle, and now she was pretending to be innocent.

“What do you mean by what’s so strange? ” Fang Xiao finally came back to her senses. She looked at Du Caiwei and asked in a daze, “Qiu Yitang agreed? He really agreed to marry you to make you let me go? “

“Didn’t I tell you just now? I’m going to marry Yitang today, ” Du Caiwei said somewhat impatiently Then, she looked at Fang Xiao with contempt and said, “don’t make a fuss, okay? The Young Madam of the Qiu family is mine. If it weren’t for you, Yitang and I would have been married long ago. Maybe we have two or three children already. “