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Chapter 1996: Chapter 1996 is all your fault


Therefore, Fang Xiao frowned and waited for du Caiwei to finish scolding her. When she was panting and foaming at the mouth, she frowned and asked, “Du Caiwei, what did you mean when you said that I’m a chicken that can’t lay eggs? “

Du Caiwei was originally gasping for air with her mouth wide open. When she heard Fang Xiao’s question, she was so angry that she almost fainted. Therefore, she glared at her and scolded again.

“Are you a pig? A chicken that can’t lay eggs means that you won’t be able to have children from now on, ” Du Caiwei explained to Fang Xiao in a huff. Then, she snorted and said, “Do you understand now? You’re a chicken that can’t lay eggs! “

“PA! ” The crisp sound of a slap rang out again in this small wooden house. However, this time, it was not du Caiwei who hit Fang Xiao, but Fang Xiao who slapped du Caiwei’s face.

“whether I will have children in the future is not up to you, ” Fang Xiao said coldly to Du Caiwei, who was covering her face with her hands. “Who do you think you are “This social science is so advanced. Men can have children now, but I, a woman, can’t have children? “

“Besides, even if I can’t have children, so what What does this have to do with you Why are you so smug Don’t tell me that if I can’t have children, you can take the opportunity to have a few more You’re giving birth to all the children that I can’t have?”

Du Caiwei didn’t expect Fang Xiao to scold people, and she didn’t even use swear words, so she answered angrily, “Yes, I’m giving birth to all the children that you can’t have. I’m going to give birth to eight or ten children to anger you to death. “

“Humph, when my family was in the countryside, my grandmother could raise eight or ten sows at a time in the pig pen. Are you trying to be like the sows? “

Fang Xiao’s words made du Caiwei so angry that she almost vomited blood. She gritted her teeth in hatred and raised her hand, wanting to ruthlessly throw it at Fang Xiao’s face.

Unfortunately, this time, Fang Xiao was already prepared. Just as she raised her hand, she quickly reached out and grabbed her wrist Then, she said indifferently, “Du Caiwei, I think you need to change your temper of slapping people. Otherwise, Qiu Yitang might be even more unwilling to marry you. After all, old Madam Qiu is very picky about her granddaughter-in-law. It is said that she likes docile and obedient women who are sensible and obedient. Moreover, they can follow her heart. “

Du Caiwei’s hand froze in the air because her wrist was grabbed by Fang Xiao. At the same time, Fang Xiao’s words reminded her that her temper was indeed a little too hot-tempered.

“It’s all your fault. ” Du Caiwei fiercely shook off Fang Xiao’s hand, but she did not slap Fang Xiao’s face anymore Instead, she angrily said to Fang Xiao, “my temper has always been very good. If you had not come back from America to get engaged to Qiu Yitang, if you had not wanted to marry Qiu Yitang, if you had not pretended to be obedient and docile in front of old Madam Qiu, would Yitang not have married me? “

“In the end, weren’t you the one who ruined the relationship between me and Qiu Yitang? ” Du Caiwei said this with anger. She wasn’t looking for a reason why she couldn’t marry Qiu Yitang.. But now, she was completely focused on blaming Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao was really speechless at Du Caiwei. She didn’t know why she had become such a person, and Du Caiwei had lived in her house for a few years. In her memory, Du Caiwei was also a person who knew how to behave How did she become a village vixen now?