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Chapter 1994: Chapter 1994 why did you kidnap me


Fang Xiao had been sitting alone in the small wooden house. From last night until noon today, she did not even drink a mouthful of saliva, let alone eat. At this moment, she was thirsty and hungry.

She thought that in fact, Du Caiwei did not need to tie her hands and feet, nor did she need to torture her. As long as she was locked in this small wooden house, she would die of thirst within a few days if she did not starve to death.

In fact, she did not care so much about life and death because she felt that there was not much difference between living and dying. The key was that she still had a younger brother, and his future was not very bright. She could not rest assured about her younger brother.

Therefore, she did not want to die. No, she could not die. At least, if her younger brother did not make any arrangements, she could not die without reason.

Fang Xiao thought that she could not die, so she carefully inspected the small wooden house. However, other than the small hole that was as big as the ticket window at the bus stop, there was nothing else to see.

Fang Xiao leaned against the window and looked outside. However, other than the cliff, there was a mountain not far away. She could not tell how big the mountain was because she only had one eye Moreover, this eye could only see the sky as big as the window.

Just as she was having a headache, the sound of the door of the small wooden house being pushed open came. She instinctively turned around from the window, but the sound of the door being closed came from the door again. Du Caiwei had already appeared in her sight.

“Hehehe, are you… preparing to escape through the window? ” Du Caiwei’s sarcastic voice came over. Her eyes were obviously filled with ridicule and disdain. It was obvious that she felt that her actions just now were very childish …

Fang Xiao completely ignored her sarcasm She said coldly, “every person who is kidnapped will think of escaping. I’m just doing what a person should do. However, not everyone in this society will think of kidnapping people. Miss Du, don’t you think so? “

“Of course. ” Du Caiwei completely ignored Fang Xiao’s sarcastic words. Instead, she shrugged and said indifferently, “in this world, not everyone can be a general. Don’t you think so? “

Fang Xiao was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect that this woman, Du Caiwei, was actually becoming more and more amazing. In her memories, Du Caiwei’s eloquence in the past didn’t seem to be so good.

Therefore, she said a little irritably, “fine, fine, fine. You’re a general. Alright, anyway, I’m now tied up by you to this deep mountain forest. If you want to kill or scrape me, do as you please. Do whatever you want. “

“Hehehe, if you want to kill or scrape me? ” Du Caiwei couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Fang Xiao’s words Then, she snorted coldly and said, “Fang Xiao, you think too highly of yourself. What good does killing you and scratching you do me? Do you think I would do such a stupid thing? “

“Then why did you kidnap me? ” Fang Xiao’s heart could not help but sink. In fact, she had vaguely guessed that Du Caiwei had captured her here to blackmail Qiu Yitang.

“kidnap you for what? ” Du Caiwei found Fang Xiao’s words funny. “since I want to kidnap you, of course it’s useful. Do you think I, Du Caiwei, would be stupid enough to do something stupid? “

“could it be that you kidnapped me to sell me to the mountains? ” Fang Xiao asked, deliberately guessing. In fact, her purpose was to test her to tell the truth.