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Chapter 1992: Chapter 1992: I’m going to be young Madam Qiu


The driver walked over doubtfully and looked at Du Caiwei with a frown. “What are you going to do inside? Isn’t this wooden house used to lock up that woman with the Surname Fang? “

“I have something to say to her. ” Du Caiwei was only concerned about her own excitement and did not look at the driver’s expression at all Her voice was filled with excitement and joy that could not be suppressed. “Qiu Yitang has agreed to marry me. From now on, I’m going to be young Madam Qiu. “

The driver’s face obviously darkened He could not help but say coldly, “look at you. Are you that happy to be married to him? Isn’t he just a man? which part of him is better than me? Is that place bigger than mine? Or is it more comfortable than me? “


Du Caiwei did not expect that her excitement would hurt the man who had sex with her last night. So she quickly restrained her excitement and said with a smile.

“where? How can he compare to you in that aspect? ” The smile on Du Caiwei’s face was full of flattery. “Brother Kun, you are the best. That thing of yours is also the biggest thing I have ever seen… “

“How many of those things have you seen? ” The man called brother Kun’s face became darker and darker. He didn’t get happy just because Du Caiwei said he was the biggest thing.


Du Caiwei immediately became speechless. She thought to herself, of course I’ve seen a lot. Don’t women’s looks depend on men’s things So, I have to take more essence, don’t I?

Of course, she could only say such words in her heart But what she said was, “Brother Kun, I’ve only seen you and Qiu Yitang. After all, he was my boyfriend, and he even said he wanted to marry me. Do you think that woman listened to her boyfriend’s words and refused to give herself to him? “

After hearing Du Caiwei’s explanation, the man called brother Kun’s expression softened a little Then, he said coldly, “don’t forget, we’re in a cooperative relationship. You can marry Qiu Yitang. After all, she can give you wealth and glory. However, your body has to be provided for me to enjoy at any time. Even if you become the young Madam of the Qiu family in the future, you have to be at my Beck and call. Otherwise, I’ll make you suffer. “

Du Caiwei quickly agreed, “of course. Brother Kun, since I asked you to help me, I naturally won’t lack your benefits. Moreover, Brother Kun, you’ve made me so comfortable, don’t you think so? “

Du Caiwei’s heart was saying, go to hell, Kun, who do you think you are If it weren’t for those people a few years ago who couldn’t find you, do you think I would look for you?

You are just a gangster in Hui city. When I become the young Madam of the Qiu family, of course, I will think of ways to get rid of you. You still want me to be at your Beck and call, dream on, I will sleep with you for free these two days.. Just to save some money.

Of course, brother Kun didn’t know what Du Caiwei was thinking. Hearing her promise so straightforwardly, he thought that this woman lying under him was indeed like a water snake, and there were many kinds of bed, which could let him experience the feeling of dying Therefore, he did not say anything more.

“Brother Kun, hurry up and open the door. ” Du Caiwei saw that brother Kun’s complexion had recovered, so she took the initiative to pull his arm and kissed his pink lips on his cheek. “Brother Kun was so wonderful last night. I almost couldn’t get up this morning. “