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Chapter 1991: Chapter 1991: Getting a marriage certificate in person


Of course, Du Caiwei definitely didn’t mention that Qiu Yitang had brought Dongfang Yunheng because she and Gu Chenchen had agreed that Gu Chenchen would be there to delay Dongfang Yunheng while she would be here to settle Qiu Yitang And both of them would be able to obtain their own happiness at the same time and remove the thorn in Fang Xiao’s flesh.

However, both of them had overestimated their own abilities, so in the end, Gu Chenchen naturally didn’t delay Dongfang Yunheng, and the person that Du Caiwei was about to face wouldn’t be Qiu Yitang alone.

Of course, this did not mean that Gu Chenchen was incompetent and did not show much sincerity when working with Du Caiwei. In fact, Gu Chenchen was really sincere in working with Du Caiwei this time, but.. She did not expect that Dongfang Yunheng would beat her to the punch.

It had always been Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei who had a one-way contact. Dongfang Yunheng did not participate in it, so Du Caiwei thought that Qiu Yitang came alone.

The next morning, Qiu Yitang contacted Du Caiwei again and claimed that he had brought the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau over. Not only could he sign the marriage contract with her face to face, but he could also apply for a marriage certificate on the spot.

Du Caiwei might have been over the moon because she had been looking forward to marrying Qiu Yitang all this while. However, people nowadays were completely different from people in ancient times when they got married.

In ancient times, when people got married, it was as if a man and a woman were married when they lived together. However, people nowadays had to have a legally recognized marriage certificate, which was the marriage certificate.

She and Qiu Yitang had lived together a few years ago. She had helped Qiu Yitang get pregnant, but this still could not be used as evidence that she was Qiu Yitang’s wife because there was no marriage certificate.

Therefore, du Caiwei’s desire for the marriage certificate was far greater than anything else. So much so that when Qiu Yitang told her that he had brought the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau to help her apply for the marriage certificate on the spot, she did not even suspect anything.

In fact, anyone with a bit of brains would have thought that the civil affairs bureau was, after all, a state unit. Not just anyone could arrange for him to do things. For things like getting a marriage certificate, they had to go to the civil affairs bureau.

Of course, there were also staff of the civil affairs bureau who went down to the grass-roots level to do things, but that required the approval of the higher-ups. And she, Du Caiwei, was now kidnapping Fang Xiao. Would the higher-ups of the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau approve such a thing?

Moreover, if it was really approved, then this matter would probably blow up. Because they knew that the other party was breaking the law, yet they still rushed over to handle matters. That would definitely be a call to the police And only the police had the right to request certain departments to make some countermeasures in order to rescue the hostages.

If du Caiwei’s brain had calmed down a little, she might have thought of this. However, she had heard from Qiu Yitang that they could get their marriage certificates done today. As long as she did not hurt Fang Xiao, she would be too excited So much so that she had forgotten that one should not get carried away when one was proud.

Du Caiwei had indeed gotten carried away, and she was too carried away. Therefore, after she hung up on Qiu Yitang, her first reaction was not to think about the authenticity of this matter, but to quickly run towards the small wooden house.

Of course, the small wooden house was locked from the outside, and the key was in the hands of the driver. She quickly waved at the driver, signaling him to hurry over and open the door. She wanted to enter the small wooden house.