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Chapter 1990: Chapter 1990, in order to save Fang Xiao


She was actually not confident about this question. Of course, from Du Caiwei’s perspective, the possibility of Qiu Yitang coming was higher. She was more familiar with Qiu Yitang than Du Caiwei and Qiu Yitang, so she knew Qiu Yitang better.

However, if Qiu Yitang refused to come, it meant that Du Caiwei had made the wrong bet. Since she made the wrong bet, she would definitely lose. What would du Caiwei do to her if she lost?

Also, if Qiu Yitang came and Du Caiwei won the bet, and Qiu Yitang did agree to some unreasonable conditions with Du Caiwei to save her, how would she repay Qiu Yitang’s kindness in the future?

Therefore, Fang Xiao felt an unprecedented fear about being kidnapped by Du Caiwei. She actually hoped that the person who kidnapped her would be Gu Chenchen. In that case, the person who would come to save her would be Dongfang Yunheng and not Qiu Yitang.

After receiving DU CAIWEI’s call, Qiu Yitang immediately called Dongfang Yunheng. After receiving the call, Dongfang Yunheng immediately rushed over to meet him at the appointed place.

“Du Caiwei asked me to bring the marriage certificate to marry her. ” Qiu Yitang looked at Dongfang Yunheng and said truthfully, “but I don’t want to marry Du Caiwei, but I have to save Fang Xiao. So, I hope you can help me find someone from the marriage registry office to see if I can get a fake marriage certificate or something? “

Dongfang Yunheng frowned slightly when he heard this. To be honest, he actually hoped that Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei would get married, because the two of them were still very compatible together. The so-called “pig man and dog woman” probably referred to Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei as a couple.

Moreover, Qiu Yitang would not marry Du Caiwei, and if he wanted to save Fang Xiao, then he would become his love rival, and the one he was most unwilling to have right now was probably his love rival.

Of course, these were all his heartfelt words, and he naturally would not say them in front of Qiu Yitang. Moreover, even if Qiu Yitang really became his love rival, he would not be afraid of him.

The current situation was also so special. Qiu Yitang was going to save Fang Xiao. There was nothing more important than this. Therefore, he did not think much about it and immediately called his lawyer However, he quickly thought of a way to solve these problems.

It was precisely because he wanted to find a way to help Qiu Yitang solve these problems that Dongfang Yunheng and Qiu Yitang rushed to the foot of the mountain the next afternoon.

It was not that they were slow. To be honest, their actions were not slow at all. It was just that Du Caiwei told them the address and often pointed at places randomly, always teasing them Therefore, the two of them had to go around the northern region of Guangdong several times before they finally reached the foot of the mountain.

Du Caiwei was a very smart person. She would never tell Qiu Yitang where Fang Xiao was. Every time she sent a text message, she would ask if she had the marriage certificate with her. would she be able to get the marriage certificate with her when they met.

Regarding these questions, Dongfang Yunheng had already arranged for Qiu Yitang. In fact, Qiu Yitang could arrange it himself, but he did not want to alarm his father and grandmother because of this matter Therefore, Dongfang Yunheng asked for a lawyer to appear, but he didn’t alarm the Qiu family.

Knowing that it was already past eight o’clock at night when Du Caiwei was on the top of the mountain, it was already dark. Du Caiwei asked Qiu Yitang to bring the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau up the mountain tomorrow morning. She also said that as for her exact location on the mountain.. She would tell Qiu Yitang tomorrow morning.