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Chapter 1985: Chapter 1985: What do you want to do


However, Qiu Yitang had no interest in blind dates. Ever since the incident with Fang Xiao, his entire person seemed to have changed. Even if it was something that was extremely beneficial to the Qiu family, he did not seem to have the mood to pay too much attention to it.

Tonight, he was originally going to attend a banquet. In fact, it was just a disguised blind date. Grandma said that the Cai family’s daughter had just returned from abroad. Not only was she good-looking, but most importantly, she was steady and generous. She was suitable to be the young madam of the Qiu family.

Of course, he didn’t want to go, and he didn’t want to go, so he found all kinds of excuses. Of course, these excuses were all seen through by his grandmother, and in the end, he was forced to go.

As expected, it was a blind date. Moreover, Miss Cai clearly had a good impression of him. At dinner, she actually took the initiative to sit beside him, and even took the initiative to chat with him about the culture and customs of foreign countries.

For some reason, Qiu Yitang was not used to Miss Cai’s enthusiasm, perhaps because he was used to Fang Xiao’s coldness. Just as he was about to find an excuse to leave, his phone rang.

Qiu Yitang almost thanked the heavens for the call. He quickly got up and left the dining table. He took his cell phone and walked to the balcony He pressed the answer button without even seeing the caller ID.

The call was from Du Caiwei. He was about to hang up when he heard du Caiwei’s voice. He didn’t expect Du Caiwei to quickly say, “Yitang, don’t hang up yet. Let’s hear who else is here. “

He was a little confused. Then he heard Fang Xiao’s voice, “Du Caiwei, Qiu Yitang and I have nothing to do with each other. You used me to blackmail him. This is simply… “

“You heard it, right? ” Du Caiwei’s triumphant voice was heard, and then she sighed softly, “Sigh, this woman, Fang Xiao, is really stupid. She can’t even recognize her own value. She said that you won’t care about her at all… “

Du Caiwei paused at this point, and then she asked with a low laugh, “Yitang, you really won’t care about her, right? “

Qiu Yitang was immediately stunned. He didn’t expect Du Caiwei to be so bold now. She could even kidnap Fang Xiao. It seemed that she wouldn’t give up until she reached the Yellow River.

“Well, ” Qiu Yitang answered Du Caiwei, “I have no relationship with Fang Xiao. So, Du Caiwei, if you want to blackmail me, it’s impossible. “

“Hehehe, ” Du Caiwei’s indifferent voice came “since you have no relationship with Fang Xiao, I won’t talk to you anymore. Anyway, Fang Xiao is now in my hands. Although she has become a one-eyed man, she is still beautiful. Although it’s difficult for her to marry into a rich family, she should be a concubine of the gang leader or something. “. “…”

“What exactly do you want to do? ” Qiu Yitang could not help but interrupt du Caiwei. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Du Caiwei, I admit that I have treated you well, but I didn’t expect you to be so greedy… “

“Yitang, have I ever been greedy? ” Du Caiwei’s slightly coquettish voice came from the phone. She quickly interrupted Qiu Yitang’s words and then said with a grievance.

“Yitang, a few years ago, you promised to marry me as your wife and marry me. Until now, you haven’t kept your promise. Who Do you think is more unreasonable between the two of us? Who Doesn’t keep his word? “