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Chapter 1980: Chapter 1980 was kidnapped


However, when he arrived at the special school, he found out that Fang Xiao had never been here. Fang Chen asked him in confusion, “is my sister missing? “

He quickly comforted Fang Chen, “it’s nothing. She was just angry with me, so her phone was switched off. I mistook her for coming to your place. I guess she’s working overtime now. “

Fang Chen smiled at his explanation. When they parted ways, he even said to him, “you’re better than my previous brother-in-law. Can you be my brother-in-law from now on? “

He was immediately overjoyed. He grabbed Fang Chen’s hand and said, “of course, I want to be your brother-in-law. From now on, your sister and I will take care of you together. From now on, we will be a family. “

“A family? ” Fang Chen finally smiled. He looked at Dongfang Yunheng and the smile on his face was so bright. “Chen Chen finally has a home. Having A brother-in-law means having a home. “

Fang Xiao was controlled by Du Caiwei to sit in the taxi. The taxi quickly went up the mountain road. After driving for about half an hour on the mountain road, it finally stopped.

Because it was on the mountain, it was pitch black and nothing could be seen. Moreover, Fang Xiao only had one eye, so her vision was even narrower. Therefore, it was even more inconvenient to walk.

Du Caiwei, this woman, had always been pampered and spoiled. In fact, she couldn’t really walk on the mountain road, so she kept wrestling along the way. She even complained about the driver who was leading the way. Why did he always lead the way? Did he want someone to walk?

The driver was finally annoyed by Du Caiwei He could not help but reply, “Miss Du, didn’t you ask me to find a place with a dangerous terrain Now I’m looking for a place with a dangerous terrain If we want the road to be easy to walk, why don’t we just randomly find a hotel in the town at the foot of the mountain But then what use is there for you to kidnap a hostage?”

Du Caiwei immediately fell silent when she was told by the driver. Only then did she remember that her purpose of coming here was not to tour the mountains and rivers, but to be a kidnapper. She was just a female kidnapper.

When she thought of herself being a female kidnapper, Du Caiwei was inexplicably excited. She suddenly felt that she was very impressive. She had the heroic spirit of a female kidnapper from a movie!

Of course, Fang Xiao did not know about Du Caiwei’s excitement at this moment. She only knew that this mountain road was indeed very difficult to walk on, and she did not know why du Caiwei brought her to the mountain Could it be that she was really going to blind her other eye?

Fang Xiao did not know how long she had walked on this mountain road. Because she did not have a watch, and her phone had been thrown away by Du Caiwei, she could not do anything other than being pulled up by the driver.

Of course, it was impossible to resist. Not to mention that the driver had tied her hand, she could not resist. Even if the driver did not tie her hand, she would not be able to resist this burly driver.

Moreover, in this wilderness, it was better to have a companion than to walk alone. She always felt that there was a large Mengshou in this place. She even heard the voice of an animal that she had never heard before.

“What is that sound? ” Fang Xiao heard the voice of another animal. This sound was somewhat similar to the voice of an animal in the zoo, so she could not help but ask.

“This is a wolf. ” The driver laughed when he said this. He looked at the two women in front of him and said, “you usually treat us men as wolves. Now, let me show you what a real wolf is. “