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Chapter 1979: Chapter 1979-a normal person


“you merely crawled onto my bed, ” Dongfang Yunheng coldly interrupted Gu Chenchen, then his face darkened Then, a cold voice jumped out from his thin lips. “So, Miss Gu, whether it was five years ago or five years later, it was you who crawled onto my bed, not me who took the initiative to ask for you. “

Dongfang Yunheng paused again when he said this, and a pair of cold eyes fell on Gu Chenchen’s face Then, his cold voice came out of his mouth again. “So, Miss Gu Chenchen, you’re pregnant now. You brought this upon yourself. Don’t use such a child to blackmail me. If you’re really that great, you should find a place to quietly give birth to the child. Don’t let me know for the rest of your life. This may prove your love for me, but — “

Dongfang Yunheng snorted again when he said this He looked coldly at Gu Chenchen, whose face was as Pale as a piece of paper. “But Miss Gu Chenchen, you didn’t do this. You rushed to find me the moment you found out that you were pregnant. Everyone knows what your motive is. Do you think I, Dongfang Yunheng, am a fool? “

“So, put away your grand theory of love. Don’t tell me how much you love me here, because that will only make me feel even more disgusted with you. Perhaps if you quietly dispose of this child, I will look up to you even more. “

At this point, Dongfang Yunheng stopped and looked at Gu Chenchen, whose face was as Pale as a sheet of paper Gu Chenchen, whose face was still dripping with tears, said, “Miss Gu, before this, I have always given you face because I thought that it was indeed not easy for you to disguise yourself these past few years. But today, you came to me on your own. This is called giving face but not wanting it, so don’t blame me for being heartless. “

“As for the child in your stomach, of course, I don’t know if it’s mine or not because it’s not important. Even if it’s mine, I won’t want it. Even if you gave birth to it and did a DNA test to prove that it’s mine, I still won’t want it because I didn’t do it willingly that night. I was raped by you. “

“I think no matter if it’s a man or a woman, as long as it’s a normal person, they won’t want the product of rape! “

After Dongfang Yunheng said this, he didn’t even look at the woman who was shivering in the wind. He immediately turned around and walked out of the door. Gu Chenchen’s pregnancy really disgusted him.

He quickly got into the car and headed towards the direction of the dormitory. He was certain that Fang Xiao would not be able to walk far after getting angry. At most, she would just return to the dormitory and sleep under the blanket.

However, when he rushed to Fang Xiao’s dormitory, he found that the door was locked tightly. He used the key he secretly made to open the door and enter, but he found that the room was empty. There was no sign of Fang Xiao at all.

Could it be that she had not returned This was unlikely. He had taken Gu Chenchen to the hospital for a long time. Even if Fang Xiao had taken the bus, she should have been back for a long time, right?

Could she have gone to her brother Fang Chen’s school He thought so again, so he took out his phone to call her. However, this time, the phone was turned off.

It seemed that she was really angry, and even her phone was turned off. So he drove the car again and quickly drove toward Fang Chen’s special school, only thinking of catching her there.