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Chapter 1976: Chapter 1976. She was really a late-comer


Fang Xiao was even more confused. According to what she knew, that place in the north of Guangdong seemed to be at the border of Hunan Province. Could it be that this driver was going to take her out of the province?

No, to be more precise, du Caiwei was going to take her out of the province Then why was Du Caiwei taking her out of the province?

Only then did Fang Xiao really get nervous. She had a faint bad premonition in her heart. Du Caiwei was going to torture her to death. Moreover, she was going to send her out of the province to be tortured to death. If that was the case, wouldn’t nobody find out?

Looking at her disguised appearance and sitting in the back of the taxi, even the surveillance cameras on the highway would find it difficult to capture her.

Moreover, even if the taxi caught her when it turned a corner, who would know that this woman was Du Caiwei Wasn’t she an old lady in her sixties or seventies?

Fang Xiao could not help but sigh to herself. If she had known that her luck was so bad, she would not have run out of the heavenly cloud pavilion. At worst, she would just be a shrew and directly blame Fang Yun Heng and Gu Chenchen in the heavenly cloud pavilion. Then, she would argue with them Why did they join forces to deceive her?

Join Forces Her heart trembled. Today’s situation was too strange, and it was so strange that it was frightening.

She ran out of the Heavenly Cloud pavilion and the taxi drove over, and Du Caiwei happened to sit in the back seat. This meant that… …

She was really slow to realize it. This was obviously pre-arranged. Dongfang Yunheng called her to go to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion, and then performed the scene of love with Gu Chenchen in front of her to drive her away, while she ran out of the Heavenly Cloud pavilion.. Then, this taxi drove over. …

However, was it Dongfang Yunheng, Gu Chenchen, and Du Caiwei who joined forces, or was it only Gu Chenchen and du Caiwei who joined forces On this point, she was somewhat at a loss.

She believed that no matter what, Dongfang Yunheng would at least not join forces with a woman like Du Caiwei, and it was to mess with her.

After all, Dongfang Yunheng’s power could easily crush her, so there was no need to join forces with others.

Since Dongfang Yunheng had been eliminated, the only two women left were Gu Chenchen and du Caiwei. However, she did not understand. If the two of them joined forces, would they benefit both sides?

Gu Chenchen must have driven her away because he felt that she was estranged from Dongfang Yunheng.

But what about Du Caiwei What could she gain by making a move on her Wasn’t du Caiwei in love with Qiu Yitang? Could it be that she was a threat to Qiu Yitang?

Fang Xiao could not figure out the purpose of Du Caiwei and Gu Chenchen joining forces. However, since she had already fallen into Du Caiwei’s hands, it was pointless to think about it. This was because Du Caiwei, this woman, would definitely not let her go just like that.

Of course not, because she had already transported her to northern Guangdong. In other words, if she did not stop moving forward, then she would very likely take her out of the province.

Just as Fang Xiao was wondering where Du Caiwei would eventually take her, the car finally stopped driving on the highway. Instead, it got off the highway at the last town in northern Guangdong.

Fang Xiao was not familiar with this town because she had never been here before. Moreover, Du Caiwei did not seem to like talking to her, and she was too lazy to pay attention to her along the way.

In the end, the taxi drove on the provincial road for nearly two hours before entering the mountain road. By then, it was already dark. Fang Xiao’s sense of direction was not strong to begin with. In addition, there were no street lights on the mountain road outside, so she did not know where the car had reached And where was it heading to.