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Chapter 1974: Chapter 1974. Why is Du Caiwei here


Fang Xiao was so immersed in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice which direction the taxi was heading in. It wasn’t until the taxi stopped that she came to her senses.

“How much is it? ” She asked without raising her head. At the same time, she lowered her head to look for the change in her Satchel to pay for the taxi.

However, the taxi driver didn’t answer. She took the change and raised her head. Only then did she realize that the taxi driver had stopped just now and was actually taking out his card. And outside the window, it was actually the entrance to the highway.

“Hey, why are you driving on the highway? ” Fang Xiao was shocked and couldn’t help but shout, “driver, didn’t I tell you? I’m going to the AI family apartment in the east city. “

Unfortunately, the driver didn’t seem to hear her. He stepped on the accelerator and the taxi finally sped forward like an Arrow leaving the bow. Fang Xiao saw the direction of g city in Binhai Lin city from the driver at the side road It wasn’t in a town near Binhai city.

“driver, I’m going to the AI family apartment in the east city, ” Fang Xiao repeated again, and then quickly shouted, “hurry up and get off at the exit in front. You’re driving in the wrong direction. “

“Isn’t the AI FAMILY APARTMENT IN DONGCHENG IN CITY G? ” The taxi driver finally spoke, but he didn’t even look at Fang Xiao’s direction, as if he couldn’t be bothered with her.

“I’m talking about the AI family apartment in Dongcheng in Binhai. ” Fang Xiao was really anxious this time She hurriedly said to the driver, “can you please get off at the intersection in front? I’ll pay for this section of the highway so that you don’t have to pay in vain. “

But the driver was like a deaf person, turning a deaf ear to her words. The car drove very fast, and there was an exit in front. Fang Xiao pointed at the exit and asked him to drive in that direction, but the driver didn’t seem to see the exit and continued to drive forward.

After passing through two exits in a row, Fang Xiao shouted for him to get off the highway. Unfortunately, the driver ignored her words and continued driving rapidly.

Fang Xiao finally understood that the taxi driver was doing it on purpose. He had just answered her question, so he could not be deaf. Moreover, he could drive, so he could not be blind. Moreover.. Even a one-eyed person like her could see the entrance and exit of the highway. It was impossible that he could not see it.

No matter how stupid Fang Xiao was, she knew that she might have been schemed against by someone. However, she was now penniless. Who would schemed against her?

“Who exactly are you? ” Fang Xiao turned her head to look at the driver wearing wide-brimmed sunglasses and asked, “why did you send me to city g? Do I have a grudge against you? “

“It doesn’t matter who he is. He’s just responsible for driving, ” a deep and slightly familiar female voice came from the back seat. There was a hint of pride in that voice.

Fang Xiao immediately turned her head and realized that there was a woman sitting in the back seat. This woman was dressed in an old-fashioned way. She wore a white wig and an old man’s clothes. She wore a pair of reading glasses on her face. With a glance, Fang Xiao could tell that she was an old woman You really thought she was an old woman.

However, Fang Xiao recognized her at a glance from her voice and the shape of her face. This woman was none other than the woman who had fought with her last year. It was the woman who had asked for her corneas last year, Du Caiwei.

Why was Du Caiwei here What did she mean by dressing like this She believed that she had nothing to do with Du Caiwei anymore, but why did this woman still pester her?