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Chapter 1973: Chapter 1973 was a huge joke


At that time, his body could not warm up no matter how hard he tried. Gu Chenchen finally took off her clothes and squeezed into his bed only wearing a cute and concealer. She took the initiative to warm him up by sticking close to his body.

Initially, he did not think too much about this matter. At that time, because of Fang Xiao’s departure, his heart was already dead. Therefore, even if Gu Chenchen’s body stuck to his body, perhaps it was because his body was cold and his heart was even colder.. Therefore, there was no reaction at all.

Actually, Gu Chenchen did not warm him up for long. It did not even seem like half an hour. His body actually did not warm up, but he was caught by Mrs. Gu who rushed over to visit him.

Thus, his relationship with Gu Chenchen became boyfriend and girlfriend just like that. At that time, he thought that since Fang Xiao did not want him anymore, it did not matter who his girlfriend was. Therefore, he accepted this logic.

After Fang Xiao ran out of the Yunxiao pavilion, she directly hailed a taxi.

She was lucky. Just as she ran out of the Yunxiao pavilion, a taxi happened to drive over, so she immediately ran forward, pulled open the front passenger door of the taxi, and quickly sat on it.

“Go to… Dongcheng Family’s apartment, ” Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment and said a name near Lin Yile’s rented apartment Lin Yile’s rented apartment was next to AI family’s apartment, but the apartment she rented was unknown, so Fang Xiao only mentioned her famous neighbor.

Fang Xiao originally wanted to return to the apartment that she rented, but she changed her words as soon as she was about to say it, because it was very likely that Dongfang Yunheng would rush to her apartment and then explain himself.

She did not want to listen to anyone’s explanation, especially his. Dongfang Yunheng had taken her for a fool over and over again, and if she were to do it again, she was afraid that she would be a pig.

No, she was already a pig. People said that the first time she was fooled was ignorance and was worthy of forgiveness, but the second time she made the same mistake was stupidity.

As for her, she had been abandoned by Dongfang Yunheng when she returned from Paris last year. In the end, she could not resist his sweet temptation and fell for his trick. She was already stupid, and the stupid one was a pig.

Therefore, the current her would not trust Dongfang Yunheng no matter what, because she did not want to be a pig. As for Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen, they could do whatever they wanted.

Thinking of how he said that he would take her to the Dongfang family tonight, and thinking of how he and Gu Chenchen hugged at the heavenly cloud pavilion, she suddenly felt that today, she had hailed a taxi to go to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion. That was a big joke.

Yes, what did she, Fang Xiao, have She had no family background, status, looks, reputation, and reputation. Moreover, she was a one-eyed man, a disabled person.

She had long known that such a woman would not be accepted by the Dongfang family. However, despite knowing the outcome, she still went to the heavenly cloud pavilion in a daze and waited for Dongfang Yunheng to give her a surprise.

She was indeed shocked, but how could she be happy?

Therefore, the current her could not give him any more chances, because giving him a chance was to let her be ruthlessly hurt by him again.

She was a human after all. Although her reputation was bad, although she was a second-hand woman, although she was a one-eyed man, she still had flesh and blood and feelings. How could she be hurt by the same person again and again?