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Chapter 1970: Chapter 1970. The more you’re afraid of something, the more it’s going to happen


Dongfang Yu could not help but laugh when he heard his mother say this, so he quickly changed the topic. “Oh right, didn’t Yun Zai say that he was coming back to see sister-in-law? Why haven’t I seen him yet? “

“Don’t mention him. ” Xi Muru felt a headache when she mentioned her youngest son, Yun Zai She said unhappily, “He called last night to say that he was coming back, but who knew that this morning, he called again and said that he wouldn’t be coming back. It seems that there’s something urgent that needs him to deal with over there, and he even said that he would only come back after Yun Heng gets married. “

“maybe second brother is also attracted to a certain woman, ” Mu Yao quickly took over the conversation, then secretly gave Dongfang Yu a thumbs up, agreeing with her good change of topic.

“If that’s really the case, I’ll be burning incense and thanking the heavens. ” Xi Muru sighed heavily when she heard this. “The key now is that no woman can charm him, and he has a lot of women outside. I get a headache whenever I mention him. “. “…”

Fang Xiao did not go out during the day because Dongfang Yunheng told her last night that he was going to take her back to his house today, so it could be considered as acknowledging the door.

To be honest, Fang Xiao didn’t really want to go. Although Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen had broken off their engagement, she still felt that she wasn’t qualified to be the young madam of the Dongfang family.

The Dongfang family was a famous family in the entire Binhai. Such a family shouldn’t be able to accept any girl with a blemish. However, she had a lot of blemishes, which was far away from the Dongfang family’s request to choose a daughter-in-law.

However, Dongfang Yunheng insisted on taking her. He even said that he had wronged her five years ago. At that time, he didn’t know that someone had pretended to be his mother and said those words to her. He also didn’t know that someone had sabotaged the two of them.

When Fang Xiao heard this, she felt very uncomfortable. She admitted that a large part of the reason why she broke up with Dongfang Yunheng back then was because of that noblewoman. However, she had to admit that her parents had also put pressure on her back then.

Now that those things were over, Dongfang Yunheng wanted to pick up their love again. However, she always felt that the current situation was completely different from Dongfang Yunheng and Xi Lingheng five years ago.

She could not remember who had said that Love was a luxury. Once that kind of thing was gone, it was actually very difficult to pick it up again. Moreover, it was very difficult.

Therefore, between her and Dongfang Yunheng, Dongfang Yunheng was indeed much more active than her in picking up the past love. However, she was always in fear and trepidation, afraid that the incident from Paris last year would happen again.

Sometimes it was very strange. The more you were afraid of something, the more it would happen.

The current Fang Xiao was very afraid that the incident of Dongfang Yunheng abandoning her last year would happen again. However, she did not expect that this afternoon, the incident would really happen again.

At noon, Dongfang Yunheng called her and asked her to go to the French restaurant on the second floor of the cloud pavilion. He said that he wanted to give her a surprise.

In fact, she was not interested in surprises. However, since Dongfang Yunheng asked her to go, she might as well go. At least French Western restaurants could provide food, right?

She did not forget that it was at the French Western restaurant of the Heavenly Cloud pavilion that Dongfang Yunheng had ruthlessly ripped her off. He had eaten more than five thousand yuan in one meal. Now that she thought about it, her heart ached.

Her dormitory was some distance away from the Heavenly Cloud pavilion. There was originally a bus that could directly take her there. However, for some reason, the bus had not arrived even after waiting for more than ten minutes.