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Chapter 1965: Chapter 1965 I made glutinous rice balls


Fang Xiao saw that he had stopped chewing, so she used her hand to break his increasingly dishonest hand. She could not help but growl in a low voice, “Dongfang Yunheng, do you hear me? I’M GOING TO GET UP! “

“I want breakfast! ” He muttered again, turned over, and directly pressed her under his body… …

“breakfast? You… ” when Fang Xiao saw the annoying smile on a certain man’s face, she finally understood what he meant by breakfast …

“I’m going to the toilet, ” she said quickly in a hurry.

“Wait until I have breakfast. I have to go to the toilet after all, ” he said with conviction.

“I’m taking a dump. ” She glared at him with red veins on her face. “Can this wait? “


Ever since Dongfang Yunheng approached Fang Xiao again, Fang Xiao felt that her life was like a shackle. Moreover, this shackle was so heavy that she could not break free.

Therefore, in the small apartment that she rented, Dongfang Yunheng became a regular customer again. He was a great CEO, and it seemed that he had nowhere to go after work. He actually came to her apartment every now and then.

The most outrageous thing was that he actually cleaned up her unused kitchen. He even solemnly announced that eating too much food outside was not good, so he had to cook and eat in her apartment after work.

When Dongfang Yunheng announced this, it happened to be the third day that he had forcibly moved into Fang Xiao’s apartment.

That night, Fang Xiao did not work overtime, but it was one hour late. That was to say, she did not get off work, but went to work for another hour.

It was precisely because she had worked an extra hour that when she took the bus back to her apartment, which was three to four kilometers away from the company, Dongfang Yunheng was already busy in her apartment.

She remembered that she did not give Dongfang Yunheng the key, but for some reason, Dongfang Yunheng somehow had the key to her apartment Moreover, he could openly move some of his daily necessities to her apartment.

Fang Xiao’s bachelor apartment was very small. Even if he only moved the simplest luggage over, Fang Xiao still felt extremely crowded, so after she entered the door, she kicked the eye-catching luggage bag twice.

There was a sound coming from the kitchen. Thinking that a rat had entered, she hesitated for a moment before walking over. At the door, she found a certain handsome man busying himself in the narrow kitchen.

“I made Tangyuan. ” Dongfang Yunheng turned back to look at her and ordered seriously, “hurry and go to the bathroom to wash your hands. The TANGYUAN is about to be cooked. You can eat it later. “


Fang Xiao was speechless. During the days when she had been Dongfang Yunheng’s mistress, Dongfang Yunheng had always acted as if he was a master. She thought that he did not know how to use his hands and feet anymore.

She did not expect that after the agreement between her and him ended, he would be able to do it. Not only could he use his hands and feet, but he could also cook. It seemed that she had indeed underestimated him in the past.

Dongfang Yunheng made glutinous rice dumpling with fermented grains, and there were poached eggs buried in it. The fragrance of the glutinous rice dumpling came from the thick soup. The fragrance only rushed into one’s nose, making one feel the urge to wander.

Such a good, fragrant, and sweet glutinous rice dumpling. Why could Fang Xiao not taste the sweetness? Instead, she missed the pot of glutinous rice dumpling that she and Xi Lingheng cooked together five years ago even more?