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Chapter 1959: Chapter 1959 what are you doing here


Although fengze company was a foreign trade company, it was different from the foreign company she used to work for. The employees here did not need to use English names, and they did not need to speak English to talk to the employees at work Therefore, a certain degree of affection could still be established between colleagues and colleagues.

Fang Xiao did not like to mention the word “Dongfang. ” However, after working for ten days at the new company, she had to face the word “Dongfang” and even Dongfang Yunheng.

It was a Sunday morning, and she did not go to work. It was rare for her to sleep late, so she turned off the alarm the night before. She covered herself with the blanket and made up her mind to sleep until ten in the morning the next day. Then, she would take the bus to the special school She had lunch with her younger brother, Fang Chen.

However, her thoughts were full, and reality was hard-core. It was past eight in the morning, and she was still dreaming. There was a knock on the door, and the knock was not light.

She yawned and crawled out from under the blanket. Hearing the knock on the door made her feel unhappy. In fact, she did not need to ask to know that it was definitely that woman, Lin Yile. She was energetic, and she did not even sleep during the holidays.

She sighed and felt a little helpless. She got up from the bed and the first thing she did was to touch the glasses in the drawer of the bedside table. This was her homework because no one in the company knew that she only had one eye And Lin Yile had a big mouth, so she could not let her know.

Fang Xiao wore glasses and wore pajamas. His hair was messy as he dragged his plastic slippers towards the door. As he walked, he even shouted towards the door, “Lin Yile, aren’t you annoyed? Why did you wake her up so early in the morning? “

There was no sound outside the door. It was probably Lin Yile’s doing on purpose. She loved pranks the most. Not long after Fang Xiao’s company started, Lin Yile was the only friend of Fang Xiao’s, so she couldn’t do anything about it even if she wanted to.

Fang Xiao shouted, but there was no reply from outside. Lin yile occasionally pretended to be deep, but in fact, she didn’t know what deep was. Sometimes, she was so shallow that it was laughable.

Fang Xiao shook her head, feeling a little helpless. She grabbed the door and pulled it open. She thought that if Lin Yile was leaning against her door, she could make her fall.

However, when her door was pulled open and she saw the man walking in with a cold face, she was completely stunned. She never dreamed that Dongfang Yunheng would actually find her here.

She only reacted when he walked in. At this moment, it was too late to close the door and shut the man outside. Because he had already taken two steps in, and he even took the initiative to help her close the door after he entered.

“You… what are you doing here? ” Fang Xiao spoke incoherently. Because of her nervousness and anger, her hands had gradually clenched into fists under her sleeves, trying her best to control her body that was about to explode.

“Of course I’m looking for you. ” Dongfang Yunheng looked at her with a frown. He was wearing light yellow pajamas and looked like he had just woken up. His hair was messy, and his sparkling white feet were wearing a pair of simple black and white flip-flops He had a pair of sunglasses on his face that did not look like sunglasses. The flat glasses did not look like sunglasses. Because of his anger, his pink lips were tightly pursed as he looked at him.

He kept feeling that she was some kind of small animal, but he could not remember for a moment that it was that kind of small animal. Then, a few years later, when he provoked her, she chased after him and beat him.. She was also wearing this light yellow floral pajamas. Only then did he remember that it was actually a duckling.