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Chapter 1958: Chapter 1958 was so fated


Fang Xiao only smiled when she heard this. She knew that many companies rented apartments in Songquan at the same time. The rent in that place was very high. A room and a living room cost more than 2,000 yuan, and a single room cost more than 2,000 yuan It was said that some colleagues rented apartments every month. In addition to the 2,000 yuan the company gave them, they also had to rent apartments for a few hundred yuan each month.

Her situation was different from other colleagues because she was not alone, but she was with her brother. Although her brother had income now, it was very little. Moreover, her brother’s money had to be saved for her brother. She could not spend it casually.

Her brother was now in the reserve team to play basketball. Of course, if he was lucky, he might join the official team, but even then, how many years could he play basketball for?

Her brother had other skills every month. Although he was young, his IQ was there. It was almost difficult for him to learn any skills, so he could only use his own body.

If he retired after his basketball career ended, then he would have nothing to do all day. At that time, he would have to spend money to eat, drink, and defecate, and now she had to save the money for her brother.

For someone like her brother, she thought that no woman would be willing to marry him in this lifetime. Even if there were, they would either be idiots or crazy people. If it was these two types of people, she would have to stop her brother from getting married.

Because her brother wanted her to take care of him, if she married someone like that and had another child, she would have to take care of them all by herself, and she would definitely not be able to take care of them all.

Therefore, she decided that she and her brother would have to rely on each other for their lives. Neither of them would get married, and that would be it. The two siblings would have to rely on each other for the rest of their lives.

At fengze company, she unexpectedly met Lin Yile, whom she had met when she was looking for a job last year. At that time, when Lin Yile was looking for a job at the Oriental Group, she seemed to be applying for a position as a secretary. At that time, she did not get the job.

In this Fengze Company, Lin Yile was the secretary. However, she was not the chief secretary, but the assistant of the secretary. The chief secretary was Allen, a woman who had returned from studying in the United States.

When Lin Yile saw Fang Xiao, she was very happy. She said that she had always been thinking of her. She did not expect that they would be so fated to actually work in the same company.

“Fang Xiao, didn’t you join the Dongfang Group’s Development Department? ” Lin yile asked vaguely with a piece of Lotus root that she had just stuffed into her mouth.

“I resigned from the Dongfang Group A long time ago, ” Fang Xiao answered faintly. She looked at Lin Yile and explained, “the Dongfang Group is a big company. There are many talents in it, and I’m a newcomer after all. I don’t understand many of the rules, so… “

“Of course, ” Lin Yile expressed her agreement and understanding towards Fang Xiao’s words Then she sighed and said, “perhaps this is the fate of people. I went to Dongfang Group for several interviews, but I didn’t get an interview. Now, I don’t go anymore. It’s said that people and people in big companies often form cliques. You’re a newcomer. You might offend someone just by saying something wrong. In the end, you don’t even know how you got fired. “

Fang Xiao nodded and didn’t continue discussing this issue with Lin Yile. This was because when it came to Dongfang Group, the word “Dongfang” would inevitably be mentioned. And right now, she really didn’t like to mention the word “Dongfang” .

Perhaps it was because they had met once when they were looking for a job last year, so Lin Yile was very warm to her. When Fang Xiao rented a house, she would also be busy when they moved, so the relationship between the two of them became closer.