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Chapter 1957: Chapter 1957 working in a new company


With the help of Zheng Zihao, Fang Xiao went to work at Fengze company. Because she could speak Hokkien, she was assigned to be in charge of Singapore’s customers after only three days.

Fengze company had three or four Singapore customers. Two of them were large companies, one was Hengtian company, and the other was Wanda Company. However, the two companies operated different products.

Fengze company was the Chinese agent for these two companies. The products they produced were marketed by Fengze company in China for them, and the marketing plan was finalized by the two companies through joint discussion.

Fang Xiao was very satisfied with her work because the Chinese representatives of these two companies were both Singaporeans who liked to speak Hokkien. Sometimes, as they spoke, they would speak Hokkien, which was English, with a Hokkien accent.

Fortunately, she could speak Hokkien, so she could adapt to their way of doing things. Therefore, there were no obstacles in communicating with them, and the other party was very satisfied with her.

In the blink of an eye, she had worked in this company for a week. This week, her life was very peaceful. Because she changed her cell phone number, not only Qiu Yitang did not look for her, but Dongfang Yunheng also did not look for her.

She could not help but think that if her life was so peaceful and stable from now on, then she would be relieved. However, her small wish was broken three days later.

Fang Xiao worked in Fengze company. However, this company did not provide dormitories for the employees. They only provided rental subsidies. The monthly rent was two thousand dollars, and the employees had to find their own accommodation.

In fact, some of the employees in Fengze company were Binhai people. Their families already had a place to live. For them, two thousand dollars’worth of rent was equivalent to two thousand dollars’worth of salary.

Fang Xiao was someone who didn’t have a place to live, so a 2,000-yuan rent was still a rent for her because she had to rent an apartment herself.

Fengze company was located in a prime location in Binhai. The surrounding rent was frighteningly high, so it was not easy for Fang Xiao to rent an apartment with this 2,000-yuan rent. It was even very difficult.

The monthly rent for a room and a living room was more than 2,000 yuan, less than 20 square meters. Fang Xiao could accept this price, but the key was that there was no apartment to rent because the number of renters was increasing while the number of people who checked out was pitifully small.

Therefore, she gave up the idea of renting a house within 500 meters of the company. First, the rent was too high, so expensive that she gave up when she saw it. Second, the house was too narrow, and this price could rent two rooms and a living room in a slightly further place.

Of course, she would not rent two rooms and a living room. She went to the place that was four bus stops away from Fengze company to rent a bachelor apartment. The one with a kitchen and bathroom was about 20 square meters, but it only cost 900 yuan.

Of course, because it was far from the company, she had to take the bus to work, so she had to wake up early. Fortunately, she could swipe her bus card to get to and from work, and it only cost more than three yuan a day to get to and from work. Therefore, it cost less than 100 yuan a month to take the bus The bus fare was less than 100 yuan.

In this way, she was left with a thousand yuan a month. At the same time, she ridiculed her for being calculative. However, she told her that she rented a place so far away and had to walk out to take the bus every day. Sometimes, she had to wait for the bus, or even squeeze into the bus This cost her two hours more every day than people who lived near the company. In the morning, she would have to get up an hour earlier. It was said that she had earned money and worked hard for her body. It was not really earned.