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Chapter 1955: Chapter 1955 don’t bite people with your mouth open all day long


“There are a lot of women who are good in bed, ” Du Caiwei scoffed at Gu Chenchen’s words. “I think you should be better than me. Since you’re here to work with me, it means that the two of US have the same bad taste. “

When she said this, Du Caiwei completely ignored Gu Chenchen’s face, which had instantly darkened because of embarrassment She could not help but snort coldly and said, “tell me, what benefits can you get from helping me marry Qiu Yitang as soon as possible? Don’t tell me that you don’t want anything and just want to help me achieve my wish. If that’s the case, you can leave. Because people who don’t want anything and just want to help you must have bad intentions. “

Gu Chenchen did not expect du Caiwei to be so powerful. Moreover, her words hit the nail on the head. It seemed that she had indeed underestimated her in the past.

However, since her partner was so powerful, it meant that she did not need to worry too much. Moreover, she would only be able to hit the nail on the head if she worked with such a ruthless person. Therefore, she was willing to work with such a person.

Therefore.. She looked at Du Caiwei and said, “of course, I don’t have any friendship with you, and I can’t just help you. The purpose of our cooperation is that you can marry Qiu Yitang, and I can marry Dongfang Yunheng. This is a win-win cooperation between us. After the cooperation ends, we will each marry the person we want to marry. Neither of US will owe the other a favor. “

When du Caiwei heard Gu Chenchen’s words, she could not help but laugh out loud. “Hehe, aren’t you Dongfang Yunheng’s fianc��e? Why, is Dongfang Yunheng not willing to marry you now? “

Gu Chenchen was not angry when he heard du Caiwei’s sarcastic words. He only said angrily, “speaking of which, there’s a reason why I can’t marry Dongfang Yunheng. If I really want to get to the bottom of it, the reason why I can’t marry Dongfang Yunheng is because of you… “

“Wait, ” Du Caiwei immediately stopped Gu Chenchen Then, she snorted coldly and said, “I don’t have the slightest relationship with your Dongfang Yunheng. If you can’t marry Dongfang Yunheng, why are you looking for me again “I’m an open person and don’t do dark things. All my life, I only hope to marry Qiu Yitang. I have never thought of climbing higher to become a phoenix. “

“I know you have nothing to do with Dongfang Yunheng, ” Gu Chenchen said indifferently. Then, she looked at Du Caiwei with contempt and said, “Yun Heng won’t even look at you. “

“Isn’t that enough? ” Du Caiwei immediately became angry She couldn’t help but raise her voice and said, “if that’s the case, what right do you have to push the responsibility of not marrying Dongfang Yunheng onto my head? There’s a debt and there’s an owner. Am I the owner of your debt? Don’t open your mouth and bite people all day long. “

Gu Chenchen did not expect du Caiwei to be so powerful. She did not even fear or give in when she saw her. She could actually scold her even when she was talking about her. Don’t bite people randomly. In fact, she was scolding her as a dog.

If it were any other time, Gu Chenchen would definitely not be able to tolerate such insults. She would immediately scold back or simply give the other party two slaps. Someone who dared to scold her, Gu Chenchen, was asking for trouble.

However, things were different now. The situation was also different. She could not be impulsive because she came to find du Caiwei not to quarrel but to cooperate with her.

Therefore, after Du Caiwei insulted her as a dog, she still did not fly into a rage She just patiently explained, “Miss Du, don’t be so angry. I said that Dongfang Yunheng and I can not get married because of you. This is also based on evidence, not without evidence. “