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Chapter 1953: Chapter 1953 the truly stupid person


Originally, she had wanted to go to that flower company because she wanted to be a little further away from Yun Heng. However, when she thought back, it was only a few tens of kilometers away. For people like Dongfang Yunheng who owned sports cars, how far could it be?

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her anymore. She was free, and no matter how rich Dongfang Yunheng was, he couldn’t force her to do anything, right?

Just like Qiu Yitang, she actually couldn’t avoid him at all. Now, she wouldn’t hide anymore. She had nothing to do with them, and she wouldn’t be threatened anymore. She would just find a job and go to work. Why would she hide?

Zheng Zihao took Fang Xiao to look for a job the next morning. Fang Xiao had told him that she had worked in a foreign company, so Zheng Zihao said that his friend had opened a foreign trade company and was looking for a job, so he asked her to go for an interview.

This foreign trade company was called Fengze. It was a company specializing in Southeast Asia, and it had requirements for English and Hokkien. Fang Xiao could speak English and Cantonese, and her mother was from Fujian, so she could also speak Hokkien.

Fang Xiao’s advantage was very obvious. She had worked in another foreign company before and was a person with work experience, so she was accepted by Fengze on the spot.

Fang Xiao did not expect the interview to go so smoothly. She could not help but sigh in her heart that there were indeed people in this society who were easy to handle. She believed that a large part of her being accepted by Fengze company was because of Zheng Zihao’s connections.

However, she did not care about these things. Since Fengze company had accepted her, then she would just work in Fengze company. She believed that her ability could completely convince the people in the company.

Du Caiwei’s recent days were not easy because Qiu Yitang, that man, had completely stopped coming to her this month. Moreover, he had changed his cell phone number, which meant that he did not want her to find him.

She was very sad, and very sad. She could contact Qiu Yitang’s assistant, but his assistant would not tell her Qiu Yitang’s cell phone number, and at the same time, he would not tell her Qiu Yitang’s whereabouts.

Qiu Yitang’s assistant was helping her with the immigration procedures. His assistant, Ah Biao, said that Qiu Yitang wanted her to emigrate abroad, so he would give her enough money to live abroad. Of course, he would never visit her again.

She was not reconciled, really not reconciled. For Qiu Yitang, she had spent so much effort and effort. In order to firmly grasp him in her palm, in order to not let him be attracted to Fang Xiao, she had once planned such an incident on the kidnapping wheel.

Originally, all her plans were perfect. Originally, she was already on the verge of victory. However, who would have thought that Qiu Yitang would eventually marry Fang Xiao? What was even more unexpected was that he actually gradually fell in love with Fang Xiao.

In order to completely drive Fang Xiao away, she had planned and designed again. In the end, it had indeed succeeded. However, she did not expect that that damned younger brother of Fang Xiao would actually use lime to burn her eyes.

At that time, she was indeed a little too anxious. The main reason was that damned doctor. He said that her corneas were badly burned. If she did not find a corneas replacement as soon as possible, it would probably be very difficult for her to recover in the future.

Therefore, she made a bold decision to let Fang Xiao donate her corneas in exchange for her and her brother’s freedom from criminal and life. She did not expect that stupid woman, Fang Xiao, would agree to it.

At that time, when her eyes regained their light, she thought that Fang Xiao was stupid. But now, when Qiu Yitang completely ignored her, she suddenly realized that the person who was really stupid was not Fang Xiao, but herself.