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Chapter 1952: Chapter 1952 she knew what to do


He thought so. He had originally planned to propose to her today, but who would have thought that she would leave without saying goodbye? He did not even know where she would go next, and where she would be at this moment.

He sat at home for a long time before he remembered that there was a surveillance video of him going up and down the cloud pavilion. As long as he played the surveillance video, he would immediately know when she left.

Therefore, he quickly got up and rushed to the elevator outside. Because of his anxiety, he actually forgot his VIP elevator and even squeezed into the public elevator.

When he was standing in the elevator with many people, he remembered that he was confused. He did not sit in the VIP elevator and actually squeezed into the public elevator. However, after thinking about it, it was okay. Although the public elevator was slower, it could still reach the bottom of Lou.

However, when he rushed to the monitoring room and found the person who managed the surveillance camera, he proposed to check the surveillance footage before 11 o’clock in the morning. After the person who managed the surveillance camera knew his identity, he naturally did not dare to neglect and immediately satisfied him.

Unfortunately, even when he was fast-forwarding the surveillance footage, it still took him two and a half hours. This was because Fang Xiao, this woman, had left too early. She actually left just after 10 o’clock in the morning.

She was really determined to leave. When she walked out of his room, she directly walked towards the elevator without even turning her head. She did not look at this place with any nostalgia on her face.

She really knew how to control herself, so she did not use his VIP elevator alone. Instead, she entered the public elevator.

Fang Xiao left the cloud sky pavilion in the early morning. Zheng Zihao originally wanted to take her to his apartment for a night, but Fang Xiao insisted on not going. She said that she would find a place to stay or go directly to the long-distance bus station. Anyway, the earliest bus would leave at around six o’clock She could not stay at the long-distance bus station for more than a few hours.

Zheng Zihao said a little unhappily, “why are you going to the long-distance bus station? ” “If it’s really for a job, then it’s not that simple. Although I’m not very good, it’s still very easy to find a job for you. Why do you have to go to such a distant place? “

Fang Xiao said that it was actually not far, really not far. It was just a company dozens of kilometers away, and it was also in Binhai. How could it be considered far away.

But Zheng Zihao said that he was worried about her going to a place alone. He repeatedly said that he could help her find a job and help her find it tomorrow. If the job he found was not as good as the one she found herself, then it would not be too late for her to go.

In the end, Fang Xiao could not persuade Zheng Zihao. This did not mean that she did not have her own opinions, nor did she really want to rely on Zheng Zihao. It was just that Zheng Zihao had been driving non-stop, not giving her a chance to get out of the car.

Therefore, in the wee hours of the morning, under her insistence and Zheng Zihao’s stubbornness, the two of them finally reached an agreement. Fang Xiao stayed at an express hotel near Zheng Zihao’s apartment, and Zheng Zihao took her to look for a job the next day.

This hotel was called the express hotel. In fact, it was just a small hotel. It had just been renovated not long ago, and even the surveillance cameras had not been set up. It had not officially opened yet, and was only in the trial business phase.

Due to this situation, Fang Xiao did not insist on going to work at the flower and grass company. She thought that it would be okay to go a day or two later. She looked at the job that Zheng Zihao helped her find. If the job was suitable for her, and the salary was about the same.. Then she would be able to see her brother often even if she stayed close to him.