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Chapter 1951: Chapter 1951 was his child


“Yun Heng, why don’t you bring Fang Xiao home that day? ” Xi Muru saw that Dongfang Yunheng was about to leave the house without even having breakfast. She could not help but glare at him again. “Is it okay to be late by half an hour? She can’t be that fierce, right? “

Dongfang Yunheng smiled a little embarrassedly. He grabbed a barbecued pork bun from his mother’s breakfast tray and stuffed it into his mouth Then, he gave a vague explanation. “I promised her that I would go back last night. It’s already noon now. It’s just right for me to go over and have lunch with her. “

Xi Muru nodded and did not say anything more. On the other hand, Dongfang Yunheng turned back after taking two steps and said, “mom, about that, I’ll leave the matter of canceling the engagement with the Gu family to you. It’s better for you to look for Mrs. Gu for these matters. “

Xi Muru glared at her son and could not help but mutter, “can’t you just let me worry less? “

“No, ” Dongfang Yunheng answered casually, then he smiled and said, “if we can let you worry less, then there’s probably no point in being a mother anymore. “

After saying that, he stopped nagging his mother and immediately walked to his car. He did not forget that the so-called contract between him and Fang Xiao was due on the last day yesterday.

“Alright, from today onwards, she’s my fair and aboveboard girlfriend, ” he muttered to himself as he drove into the car. “She’s no longer the so-called prostitute. This way, she doesn’t have to feel inferior in front of herself anymore. “

However, when he rushed to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion and faced the environment that was as clean as a mirror that day, when he looked at the sparse wardrobe that only had his clothes hanging on it, when he looked at the agreement that she had signed on the coffee table in the living room… …

She left quietly. She did not even call out to him. She left so decisively, so carefree, and so without leaving a trace.

Yes, without leaving a trace because she did not leave anything in the entire room. She took everything that belonged to her, but she did not take anything that did not belong to her.

The jewelry that he usually gave her, as well as the necklaces and bracelets that he took her to participate in the Leng Rong Children’s full moon wine, were all placed on the bedside table in the bedroom, intact.

He clenched these things tightly in his hands, as if he wanted to crush them into pieces.

Fang Xiao, she was so smart, how could she not understand his thoughts? He had already brought her to meet his parents, how could she not understand the meaning of what he was doing?

When he thought of how she told his parents last night that she was pregnant with the child that she aborted because of the erotic photos, his heart ached so much that he could not breathe. He could not even breathe.

On the day that she aborted, he rushed over, but he did not dare to think of the Child on himself. After all, she and Qiu Yitang had already reached the stage of marriage, and Qiu Yitang was not the so-called modest gentleman.

Now, he finally knew that it was his child. She was pregnant with his child, and he still wanted to marry her, grow old together with her, and have another child with her.

Having another child, only then did he remember that the doctor said that it would be very difficult for her to get pregnant in the future. In other words, it would be very difficult for her to have another child.

Alright, if there was no child, there would be no child. He did not care about this. As long as he could be with her, having a child was actually not a big deal. Of course, having a child was good, but not having a child was also not a bad thing. Having her was enough.