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Chapter 1948: Chapter 1948, what it meant to be unfamiliar with the place


Sunshine Who didn’t want sunshine All these years, wasn’t she always sunshine in front of Dongfang Yunheng Wasn’t she always a healthy image Even for him, she restrained her wild side and showed him a pure and pure woman who loved herself.

However, what ended up in the end She was abandoned by Dongfang Yunheng. Dongfang Yunheng wanted to break off the engagement with her and marry that woman called Fang Xiao.

What was so good about that woman, Fang Xiao She had a sex scene with Qiu Yitang before she married him. It was said that she had sex with a few men that night and had a miscarriage before she married Qiu Yitang.

Such a woman only knew how to act in bed. It was just that when she saw Dongfang Yunheng again, she took the initiative to climb into his bed. Thus, she was treated like a treasure by Dongfang Yunheng.

Dongfang Yunheng had always been chaste and self-loving, so she restrained herself very well. In order to be able to match up to her, she had always shown herself as a jade lady in front of him.

But who knew that he was now stuck with that Fang Xiao all day long. If she had known that he was also very interested in that aspect, why would she have endured so much for the past few years?

Now, it was that woman, Fang Xiao, who had taken the initiative, so how could she be willing to admit defeat just like that?

Dongfang Yunheng was hers. This was what she had determined since she was young. Five years ago, she could drive that woman, Fang Xiao, away from Dongfang Yunheng, and five years later, she could still drive this woman away.

“where do you want to go? ” Zheng Zihao drove the car and looked sideways at Fang Xiao, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Without waiting for her answer, he asked again, “Oh right, why are you outside the Junyue Xuan Hotel tonight? “

“tonight… I was passing by there. ” Fang Xiao thought about it, but she didn’t tell him about her time at the Grand Hyatt Hotel because she was leaving tomorrow. The job at the flower and grass company had been finalized, and she was going to report tomorrow.

Of course, Zheng Zihao didn’t believe that Fang Xiao was passing by, but he didn’t continue to ask this question Instead, he quickly changed the topic, “by the way, Fang Xiao, I’m going to Singapore in two days. Do you want to go? Your English is so good, so it’s easier to find a job there. “

“Singapore? ” Fang Xiao’s heart skipped a beat instinctively. She turned to look at Zheng Zihao and carefully asked, “can I find a job in Singapore? I’m not familiar with the place. “

“What do you mean by not familiar with the place? ” Zheng Zihao could not help but laugh when he heard Fang Xiao’s words. He turned to look at her and said, “am I not going to Singapore? It’s rare that you’re not familiar with me. “

“But… ” Fang Xiao pondered for a moment before shaking her head and saying, “forget it. My brother is still in Binhai. If I go to a place as far away as Singapore, it would be inconvenient to see my brother. “

Zheng Zihao only remembered that she had a brother when he heard her say that. He nodded and sighed. “That’s true. Your brother can’t leave you. Why don’t you bring your brother to Singapore too? “

“Ah? ” Fang Xiao instinctively exclaimed. She widened her eyes and looked at Zheng Zihao. She couldn’t help but frown and ask, “can my brother go to Singapore? I’m worried that he won’t be able to get a visa? “

“This, let’s try. ”ZhenggZihaoo was just casually saying that, but after hearingFanggXiaoo’s question, his interest was piqued So he said, “If you and your brother want to go to Singapore, then I’ll help you ask around. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to get a visa. As for your brother, I want to find some connections, so he should be able to get it. “