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Chapter 1946: Chapter 1946: Fang Xiao, can we talk


Dongfang Mo rolled his eyes at her and quickly started the car. He did not answer her idiotic question at all. His son had already made it so clear, but she was the only one who was slow to react.

“okay, I really don’t understand the two of them. ” Xi Muru finally sighed Then, she turned to look at her husband and said, “Ah Mo, could that Fang Xiao be angry tonight “Why don’t I call Yun Heng and ask him not to go to the hospital for now? It’s better to hurry back and coax Fang Xiao. Liu Hao’s illness is actually not that serious. “

“Fine, forget it. We’ve already given up on singing. It’s better for him to go to the hospital to see Liu Hao before he goes back. It’s not that much of a difference anyway. They have a lifetime to be entangled with each other. ” Dongfang Mo rolled his eyes at his wife again She really changed just like that.

Xi Muru saw him rolling his eyes at her, so she followed suit and glared at him. Then, she muttered, “fine, don’t I still feel sorry for my son? “

Dongfang Mo could not help but laugh when he saw her like that Then, he sighed softly and said, “alright, don’t feel sorry for your son. Yun Heng is still stable no matter what. The one who really gives you a headache is in Singapore. You should worry more about him. “

Mu Ru’s head really hurt when Dongfang Mo mentioned it. Yun Heng Wasn’t an easy kid to deal with. He was always fooling around outside.

Fang Xiao walked out of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. She originally wanted to take the bus back to the heavenly cloud pavilion because she wasn’t in a hurry. Moreover, she was certain that Dongfang Yunheng wouldn’t be able to return to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion tonight.

She would be leaving early the next morning. Her luggage was almost packed, so it wouldn’t matter if she went back earlier or later. To her, it was meaningless.

However, just as she walked to the side of the road, a car suddenly stopped in front of her. She frowned instinctively and immediately dodged to the side, preparing to walk towards the bus stop in front.

However, the door of the car was pushed open at this moment. A slightly familiar voice came from the driver’s seat. “Fang Xiao, it’s you? Why are you here? I thought I saw wrongly. “

Fang Xiao turned her head to look at the driver’s seat of the car. It was true that enemies did not have a wide road. She did not expect to have such a chance encounter with Qiu Yitang just because she wanted to take the bus from Jun Yue Xuan.

She did not want to talk too much with Qiu Yitang, so she glanced at him and continued to walk towards the bus stop. However, before she could walk a meter, Qiu Yitang, who had pushed open the car door and caught up with her, caught up with her.

“Fang Xiao, can we talk? ” Qiu Yitang grabbed her wrist and looked down at her. He said gently, “I really just want to talk to you, about you, about me, about the two of us… “

“President Qiu, there’s nothing to talk about between us, ” Fang Xiao quickly interrupted Qiu Yitang Then, she said a little irritably, “I’ve told you many times not to come to me again. There’s nothing between us anymore. Why do you… “

“Fang Xiao, I found a row of corneas, ” Qiu Yitang quickly interrupted Fang Xiao’s words Then, he hurriedly said, “this row of corneas was donated by a leukemia girl in City G. This leukemia girl is only 19 years old. Her eyes are very bright, and the corneas in her two eyes can be used to replace the corneas of six people. I helped you get a spot. “. “…”