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Chapter 1943: Chapter 1943 he did not expect the child to be his


He remembered the day she miscarried, and he knew the consequences of her miscarriage, but he never dreamed that the child she miscarried was actually his own.

Xi Muru did not notice the change in her son’s expression, because she kept her head down and silently picked up the food, but she did not put it into her mouth for a long time. It was obvious that she could not accept Fang Xiao’s truth.

She knew about the matter between Fang Xiao and Qiu Yitang. She was not the kind of mother-in-law who had traditional ideas. Because she had experienced some things herself, she could still understand the relationship between Fang Xiao and Qiu Yitang.

Initially, she had a prejudice against Fang Xiao. After all, she had almost killed her son five years ago. However, Dongfang Mo advised her. Coincidentally, today, Dongfang Yunheng came back and told her about Fang Xiao Meeting Mrs. Dongfang five years ago Therefore, she instinctively felt that Fang Xiao’s breakup with Yun Heng back then was probably not truly heartless.

Tonight’s facts proved that there was indeed someone playing tricks back then. Therefore, she began to forgive Fang Xiao’s behavior five years ago in her heart. She thought that as long as her son liked her and loved her, there was no need for her as a mother to stand in the middle.

However, who knew that Fang Xiao would say such a thing now? She had a miscarriage once and did not know whose child it was. It was said that at that time, more than one man had entered her room at Windsor Hotel.

She knew that Fang Xiao was a victim. From the perspective of a woman, she should sympathize with her. However, sympathy was sympathy. If she was to be her daughter-in-law, it would be too unfair for her son.

Yun Heng was different from Yun Zai. Yun Heng was a womanizer. There were a lot of women outside, but Yun Heng was a child who loved the past. Moreover, he had always loved himself since he was young. He and Gu Chenchen had been dating for five years, but they had never been together He was usually very polite and gentlemanly to the women outside, and there were no messy matters.

After Fang Xiao’s last sentence, everyone in the room stopped talking. Fang Xiao’s originally nervous mood actually calmed down.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely heavy. Even the originally amiable Dongfang Mo’s chopsticks were obviously frozen for a moment, because the things that Fang Xiao had said were things that he had never thought of.

When Dongfang Yunheng saw this situation, he immediately put down his chopsticks and grabbed Fang Xiao’s hand Then, with a smile on his face, he said to his parents, “mom, Fang Xiao has already told me all these things, and that incident wasn’t her fault in the first place. She was also framed by Qiu Yitang and his woman outside. I’ve never cared about this matter. “

“Yun Heng, ” Xi Muru couldn’t help but call out to her son. She was very dissatisfied with his magnanimity at this moment. Didn’t he know how many men the woman he was about to marry had?

It was said that there were three men in the erotic photos sect, and Fang Xiao was married to Qiu Yitang. It was natural for Qiu Yitang to want to touch Fang Xiao. This was not something that could be bothered with.

“Mom, it’s me who wants to live with Fang Xiao, not you. ” Dongfang Yunheng looked at his parents and said, “So, Dad, mom, if you still want to say these things that embarrass Fang Xiao, then I will take her away now. “

“Yun Heng, look at what you said. Hurry up and get some food for Miss Fang. ” Dongfang Mo immediately changed the topic. Then, he used his hand to gently touch Xi Muru’s arm, indicating for her to stop talking.