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Chapter 1942: Chapter 1942: Whose Child Did you miscarry


“It’s said that when your father was hospitalized, you were already out of money. Then, where did you borrow the money for your father’s surgery and kidney? ” Xi Muru’s expression did not change much, but this question hit the nail on the head.

Fang Xiao was immediately stunned because she never dreamed that Mrs. Dongfang would ask this question, and this question was obviously something that she could not answer, or even answer.

“Mother, Fang Xiao met me at that time. After I found out about her father’s condition, I lent her 500,000 yuan. ” Dongfang Yunheng quickly took over Xi Muru’s words and helped Fang Xiao out.

“Oh, I see. ” Xi Muru looked meaningfully at Fang Xiao, then she glared at her son. “I didn’t ask you. Is this a question? “

Fang Xiao’s heart tightened instinctively. The teacup in her hand shook involuntarily. The transparent glass was filled with Pale yellow tea. The Green Biluochun rippled at the bottom of the cup. The tender green color surged with the surging water It was as if the pain and bitterness in her heart were about to spill out.

“Alright, alright, hurry up and eat your food. If you don’t eat, it will be cold. ” Dongfang Mo quickly beckoned his wife over, and then said to Fang Xiao’s own son, “eat first, we’ll talk as we eat. “

“Miss Fang, it’s said that you had a miscarriage before you married Qiu Yitang, right? ” Xi Muru asked indifferently after eating two chopsticks of food.

Fang Xiao was stunned instinctively. She had actually thought that Dongfang Yunheng’s mother would ask her a lot of questions, but of course, one of them would definitely include the question of her having a miscarriage, because many people knew about it on the day of her miscarriage Moreover, it was the incident that happened at Gu Chenchen’s uncle’s house. It was impossible to hide and cover it up.

However, just because she thought about it did not mean that she knew how to answer. Therefore, when Xi Muru asked her, she was still stunned for half a second before she nodded and answered truthfully, “Yes. “

“Then, is the child you miscarried Qiu Yitang’s? ” Xi Muru asked again. When she saw her son, Dongfang Yunheng, frowning, she asked, “is it Qiu Yitang’s? ” She quickly added, “I didn’t mean anything else because although your wedding with Qiu Yitang went wrong at that time, you were still Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e before that, right? “

“No, ” Fang Xiao bit her lips lightly and finally answered truthfully.

Of course, she could also say that she was Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e. After all, she was Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e and almost had a wedding with Qiu Yitang. In today’s society, it was no longer strange for fianc��s to be together.

However, she did not want to lie to others. Moreover, there was no such thing between her and Qiu Yitang, and she did not want to push this kind of thing onto Qiu Yitang.

“It’s not Qiu Yitang’s? ” Xi Muru’s expression immediately darkened. The expression on her face when she looked at Fang Xiao obviously changed. “Then, Miss Fang, do you know whose child you aborted is? “

“I don’t know, ” Fang Xiao answered truthfully. Then, she lightly bit her lips and glanced at Dongfang Yunheng She added, “last year, the night before the Fang family’s accident, I encountered the pornographic photos at Windsor Hotel. I think that the child is probably the man’s. “

Dongfang Yunheng’s chopsticks that were in the air suddenly stopped. He slowly turned his gaze over and stared at Fang Xiao. His lips trembled. If his parents were not present, he would definitely hug her tightly.