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Chapter 1938: Chapter 1938 lost the happy pig


It was a bit far from the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion to the Grand Hyatt Regency. Mu Yao said that even if the car drove faster, it would probably take more than half an hour. In order to conveniently understand the traffic situation, uncle a Hao turned on the car radio and directly adjusted the traffic station.

The host in the traffic station was constantly reporting on the traffic situation on all the main roads. At a certain intersection, a certain Mother did not catch a naughty child. In the end, the child ran to the Zebra crossing at a red light and was knocked away by a car Four consecutive cars crashed into each other on the eastern suburbs main road, blocking the entire main road. The traffic jam on the main road had already reached two kilometers, and it was still increasing. At the intersection of the north-south Expressway, a large truck directly knocked over a small car. …

The host of the traffic channel was rambling on about the latest traffic conditions on all the main roads in the city. All kinds of horrible scenes made people feel sour listening to it The host was constantly reminding and urging drivers to go around these main roads. At the same time, he reminded everyone to pay attention to safety and drive carefully.

The traffic channel was endless. Mu Yao was a child, so she was tired of listening to it, so she couldn’t help but press the car radio and quickly switched to the music channel.

Of course, it was playing songs. Fang Xiao used to like some songs, but in the past two years, she didn’t like listening to them. At this time, Zhang Xinzhe’s “white moonlight” was playing on the radio

White Moonlight / somewhere in my heart / so bright / but so cold

Everyone / has a sadness / want to hide / but want to cover it up

White Moonlight / The ends of the world / In my heart / but not by my side

Can’t dry / your tears at that time / The road is too long / can’t catch up to forgive

You are my / unspeakable hurt / want to forget / but can’t help but recall

Like exile / Stumbling all the way / Your Bondage / can’t be released


White Moonlight passed by is Jiang Yuyang’s “lost the happy pig” : can’t give you the happiness you want / So choose to quit / because I love you so let you / choose a better home. . .

“lost the happy pig” passed by milk tea’s “later” , song after Song of emotion, love to break up the hurt, it made her heart clench for a while, she only felt frightened.

She had been avoiding the traffic-clogged roads at the traffic stop, but in the end, she encountered a small traffic jam. It was not so small that it did not move at all. However, the traffic was very slow, similar to the pedestrians walking on the side of the road.

The Sky gradually darkened, and the neon lights in the city gradually lit up. The forest made of steel and cement seemed much gentler under the neon lights.

The street lights on both sides of the road were like Pearl shells that had been accidentally scattered. Then, they were linked together by artisans who excelled in craftsmanship. They were so bright and lifelike that they made the entire city’s night scene look even more mysterious and beautiful.

Fortunately, Xiao Sai had been here for a long time. Jun Yuexuan had finally arrived. Fang Xiao looked at the time. It was ten minutes later than the original time, but she shouldn’t be late because Dongfang Yunheng had said that his parents would only arrive at seven o’clock.

Mu Yao did not follow her out of the car. She only got out of the car to talk to her a little. It was nothing more than necessary to be nervous. My parents were not scary. They were actually very kind and amiable?

Finally, Mu Yao said to her, “you can go up by yourself. It’s in the northern country’s scenic private room on the second floor. You can be considered to have arrived five minutes earlier. My parents probably won’t arrive until five minutes later. “