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Chapter 1937: Chapter 1937, what kind of person is behind this


Xi Muru stopped there, causing Dongfang Mo to be dissatisfied. He could not help but ask, “what exactly happened back then? Did you say anything to Fang Xiao? “

“Alright, let’s not talk about what happened back then. Let’s go to Junyue Xuan now. ” Xi Muru looked at her husband and son and said, “don’t worry, I have to get to the bottom of this tonight. If Fang Xiao isn’t lying, then someone must be behind this. “

“Who’s behind this? ” Dongfang Mo was confused by Xi Muru’s words. He could not help but look at his wife and ask, “are you getting more and more unpredictable now? “

Fang Xiao had originally wanted to avoid meeting Dongfang Yunheng’s parents, but who would have thought that Mu Yao would come and insist on bringing her to Junyue Xuan? She even said that if she did not bring her along, her brother would definitely kill her.

“Why are you so nervous? ” Mu Yao could not help but laugh when she saw her expression She teased, “don’t worry. It’s just going to meet your future in-laws. It’s not like you’re going to meet any ghosts or gods. What’s there to be afraid of? Just relax and think of it as going to have a meal with my brother. “

“I’m also afraid of having a meal with your brother, ” Fang Xiao muttered in a low voice.

“…”Mu Yao was unable to answer this time.

Fang Xiao’s mood was indeed unable to relax. In her heart, she always had the illusion that a storm had come. She felt that this time when she went to meet Dongfang Yunheng’s parents, it would definitely not be as simple as Mu Yao’s ugly daughter-in-law meeting her future in-laws.

Fang Xiao had always disliked bright red and green colors, so her clothes had always been light and elegant. Ever since the Fang family was down and out, she had almost never bought any clothes to wear. She used to wear work clothes to work.

Of course, she still had some clothes left over when she was at the Fang family. Although they had been a little old for more than a year, they were more or less brand-name goods, but the style was outdated.

She did not care much about these things because she did not have any hope of marrying Dongfang Yunheng. That man was becoming more and more unfathomable. Ever since she came back from France last year and was suddenly abandoned by him, she could no longer understand him Therefore, she did not dare to have any hopes or fantasies about any of his gentleness and friendliness.

She was wearing the clothes that she used to wear at the Fang family. In fact, she had only worn them once or twice before. She said that they were old clothes, but the colors did not look old. It was just that the style was outdated.

Mu Yao said that her clothes were very good-looking and had a retro style. Her mother loved Retro Styles the most and would definitely like her at a glance.

Fang Xiao smiled bitterly when she heard this. Mrs. Dongfang Liked Retro Styles. This seemed to be the case because whether it was when she met Mrs. Dongfang five years ago or not long ago.. The clothes she wore seemed to be retro style.

Fang Xiao’s hair still hung down gently on her shoulders. The top of her head was the simplest middle section. She wore glasses and lowered her head slightly. Her hair hung down, covering a lot of her face.

Mu Yao was a child, so she obviously didn’t know how to drive. It was probably the Dongfang family’s chauffeur who drove Mu Yao here. When Fang Xiao got into the car, she heard Mu Yao say to the chauffeur, “Uncle Ah Hao, go to Jun Yue Xuan. Drive faster. It won’t be good if my parents get there first. “

Thus, the Uncle Ah Hao that Mu Yao called drove a little faster. Fang Xiao sat in the back seat, her heart nervous as if something was wrong. Her tightly clenched palms were faintly sweating. At this moment, there seemed to be some kind of hope in her heart, but what exactly was she looking forward to.. She couldn’t tell.