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Chapter 1933: Chapter 1933 was the most important part


Only then did he know that he was the one who was truly in pain. After she became the young Madam of the Qiu family, he had driven to Hui city several times. He had hidden himself in a hidden place to look at her and discovered that she was actually living a carefree life.

The one that he remembered most clearly was last year’s winter solstice festival. He clearly didn’t need to go to h city, but he still found an excuse for himself and drove to h city. In fact, he was driving to Hui city because h city would pass by Hui city.

That time, when he rushed to Hui city, he happened to see her driving out in a BMW. She even had an appointment with a friend. She was chatting and laughing with her friend, and they seemed to be living very happily.

That was because his heart was completely dead. He thought that he would never be able to be with her again in this life, so when he came back, he agreed to Gu Chenchen’s request and agreed to be engaged to her.

However, later on, he met Fang Xiao again and found out that she had encountered such a thing in the Qiu family again. He even saw that she only had one eye when he was downstairs in her dormitory. At that time, his heart was so painful that it almost stopped beating.

He kept looking for her, thinking that he was going to humiliate her. He was going to make her regret how short-sighted she was back then when she saw him. She had lost him, the so-called poor boy, and now she was living such a life.

However, he soon discovered that his purpose of doing this was not to humiliate Fang Xiao at all. Instead, it was to make himself sink deeper and deeper. In the end, he realized that he simply could not leave her. He simply wanted to be with her, except for her.. He actually did not want any other woman.

Leng Rong had previously said that he would be in the hands of a woman for the rest of his life. He was utterly useless. He even stubbornly refuted, saying that he was not in the hands of a woman. He just wanted to make that woman feel guilty.. He wanted her to fall in love with him again and regret her guts.

In fact, he knew in his heart that he was indeed in the hands of a woman for the rest of his life. And the person who truly regretted his guts was not Fang Xiao, but himself.

He had always thought that if he had not abandoned her after returning from France with her last year, then she would definitely not be like this today, and their marriage would not have gone through such hardships.

Most importantly, her eyes. Every time he slept beside her, every time he looked sideways at her eyes that were like dead fish beads, he wished that he could dig out his own eyes and fix them on her.

He knew the process of her losing her eyes, and he also knew the price of her losing her corneas. That was the freedom that she was willing to use her corneas to exchange for. Therefore, he could not forcefully push this responsibility onto Qiu Yitang or Qiu Yitang’s mistress.

The root of the matter was that he had abandoned Fang Xiao last year. If he had not abandoned Fang Xiao, then Fang Xiao would definitely not have married Qiu Yitang. And if Fang Xiao did not marry Qiu Yitang, then the incident of losing her corneas would not have happened.

Of course, he would not let go of those who framed Fang Xiao. Those who dared to touch his woman and lay their hands on his woman would not have an easy life.

He did not touch those people for the time being because he wanted to settle down with Fang Xiao by his side. He was deeply afraid that if he touched those people, and this woman was not by his side, if he was not careful, those people would lay their hands on her again.

Therefore, he had to make peace with his family. What he had to do now was to take Fang Xiao to his parents so that they would accept Fang Xiao and then agree to his marriage with Fang Xiao.