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Chapter 1932: Chapter 1932: Meeting Mrs. Dongfang Five Years Ago


“Wait, what did you just say? ” Dongfang Yunheng quickly stopped Fang Xiao on the other end of the phone and continued to ask, “how do you know that my mother didn’t like you five years ago? Could it be that you met my mother five years ago? “

Fang Xiao then remembered that she had let the cat out of the bag just now. Five years ago, that noblewoman had told her not to tell Xi Lingheng that she had met her.

Now, even if she didn’t say it, she had already said it. Besides, they were going to meet soon, so she couldn’t care less about keeping the secret from five years ago.

Therefore, she took a deep breath and said, “yes, five years ago, in New Jersey, your mother came to look for me. She said… she said that I’m not good enough for you… “

Dongfang Yunheng never dreamed that his mother had actually gone to New Jersey to see Fang Xiao five years ago. What was even more unexpected was that his mother would actually say something like that.

Fang Xiao was not good enough for him Was this what his mother said His mother had been despised and abandoned by her parents since she was young. In the end, she grew up with the maid, mother Wang.

His mother and father had gone through so much. Their love and marriage had not come easily. In his heart, his mother had always been a great woman, and also a kind and understanding woman.

Although his mother had recently opposed his marriage to Fang Xiao, he believed that it was because his mother had almost frozen to death five years ago when she saw him. It was out of maternal instinct that she felt sorry for him, afraid that he would suffer the same fate as Fang Xiao again.

But who knew that his mother had despised Fang Xiao five years ago She actually said that Fang Xiao wasn’t good enough for him. At that time, he and Fang Xiao hadn’t broken up yet, and their relationship was very good. What right did mother have to say that Fang Xiao wasn’t good enough for him?

It was rare to say that mother had secretly investigated Fang Xiao’s background But even so, Fang Xiao’s background back then wasn’t shameful, was it The Fang family could be considered an ordinary family in Huicheng, right?

Mother herself had lived that kind of life since she was young. She couldn’t have despised the poor and loved the rich. Back then, when her sister married her first brother-in-law, Jin Zhengnan, wasn’t she also the child of a poor family? Mother didn’t say anything either?

Then why did his mother treat Fang Xiao like that five years ago And five years ago, Fang Xiao broke up with him. …

He couldn’t help but think of the piercing words that Fang Xiao said to him on the day of the break-up. And those words, were they deliberately said by Fang Xiao after she promised her mother that she would break up with him?

His heart and his body trembled in an instant. He had always thought that the break-up five years ago was a fatal blow to him from Fang Xiao. She was as cruel as he loved her. And when she proposed the break-up at that time, perhaps it was indeed a manifestation of her momentary vanity.

Last year, when he met Fang Xiao Again, when he found out about the things between the Fang and Qiu families, he vaguely knew that when Fang Xiao came back from America to get engaged to Qiu Yitang, it was to save the Fang family.

Born into a wealthy family, he had seen many things like this since he was young. Even his parents’marriage back then, it was said that his mother’s mother’s family, his so-called grandfather.. It was also to save his Xi family that he got married to the Dongfang family.

Last year, he brought Fang Xiao to France and abandoned her the moment he returned. He wanted to avenge her for abandoning him that year, to make her feel the pain of being abandoned.

However, he soon realized that this woman was not in pain at all. After she returned to Hui city, she married her ex-fianc��, Qiu Yitang, and became the young madam of the Qiu family.