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Chapter 1931: Chapter 1931 — they don’t eat people


Qiu Yitang waited for Ah Biao to leave before he picked up his phone to call his friends. To be honest, he didn’t have many friends in Binhai. He was only close to the Gu family.

Gu Yiran, Gu Chenchen’s cousin, was also Qiu Yitang’s cousin. He had just returned from abroad a few days ago and happened to be in Binhai. At noon, Gu Yiran called him to invite him for dinner. At noon, he wondered if there would be any news about Fang Xiao in the afternoon So he said that he would talk about it at night, in case he had some social engagements.

At this moment, he happened to be free, so he took the initiative to call Gu Yiran. Since Fang Xiao and Dongfang Yunheng were together, if he wanted to destroy Dongfang Yunheng and Fang Xiao, he reckoned that he would have to contact the Gu family and even meet Gu Chenchen.

In the blink of an eye, a week’s time had passed, and the agreement between Fang Xiao and Dongfang Yunheng had reached its final day.

Fang Xiao had been secretly working with the Flower and Grass Company for the past two days, preparing to leave as soon as the contract was over.

A few days ago, Dongfang Yunheng had come to the Yunxiao pavilion. Ever since that day at the golf course, when he had plotted to say that she had agreed to marry him, his skin had become thicker these two days, and he had actually started calling her his wife.

Fang Xiao was somewhat helpless and did not know whether to laugh or cry at his way of addressing her. She corrected him a few times, but it did not work. The more she corrected him, the more he cheered. In the end, she simply did not correct him. She thought that she would just leave secretly.

In the past two days, Dongfang Yunheng had not come. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She thought that he had a lot of things to do. Of course, he was the president of such a big company. He would not abandon his work just because of her, right?

On the last day of the day, she went to Jiangnan’s famous city to clean up in the morning. The last time she cleaned, she was still very serious about her work. It could be said that she had done a lot of cleaning.

In the afternoon, she went to his lakeside villa again. Not only did she clean up the upstairs and downstairs, but she also watered the flowers and trees there.

Of course, she would leave early tomorrow morning. The Yunxiao Pavilion’s cleaning could be done tonight. And this evening, she wanted to go to the special school to visit her younger brother, Fang Chen. She wanted to bring her younger brother out for dinner tonight. It could be considered a farewell dinner.

However, at four o’clock in the afternoon, she had just returned to the Yunxiao pavilion when Dongfang Yunheng called. He told her that her parents wanted to see her tonight, so he told her to wait at home and not go there. He would immediately drive back to pick her up.

Hearing his words, Fang Xiao felt an inexplicable sense of fear, so she could not help but say to Dongfang Yunheng on the phone, “well, can I not go to see your parents? Can I escape at the last minute? “

“Of course not, ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice sounded very determined from the phone, and then he asked, “why are you escaping? They don’t eat people. “

“They don’t eat people, but I’m still very afraid, ” Fang Xiao Thought of Mrs. Dongfang’s expression, and her heart immediately became so nervous that her voice trembled. She was really afraid, and she was sure that Mrs. Dongfang would not like her. In fact, if she went to see.. She was going to be humiliated.

“Xiao Xiao, what are you afraid of? ” Dongfang Yunheng also heard that Fang Xiao’s voice was a bit off So he quickly comforted her, “people say that ugly wives have to see their in-laws sooner or later. Moreover, you’re not so ugly that you can’t see people, right? Don’t worry, my mother is… “

“Your mother won’t like me, ” Fang Xiao quickly interrupted Dongfang Yunheng’s words, and then hurriedly explained, “Yun Heng, I’m not going. Your Mother didn’t like me five years ago, and now she won’t like me even more. I think… “