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Chapter 1930: Chapter 1930 was a little confusing


However, just as her pink lips were about to touch Dongfang Yunheng’s lips, she didn’t expect Dongfang Yunheng to turn his face slightly in an instant. As a result, her pink lips that were about to touch his thin lips landed on his cheek without warning.

“Okay, you have agreed to marry me. ” Dongfang Yunheng looked at Fang Xiao with a cunning face, but the smile on his face was even more brilliant than the sun.

Fang Xiao was completely stunned. Both of her hands were still grabbing Dongfang Yunheng’s shoulders, and she even forgot to put down the tip of her toes. She couldn’t recover from the fact that she had kissed Dongfang Yunheng’s cheek just now.

Qiu Yitang rubbed his forehead. He had not seen Fang Xiao in a week since the last time he saw her at the special school. He still spent half of the week in Binhai.

“Ah Biao, it has been a week. You can’t even find out where Fang Xiao Lives? ” Qiu Yitang was very dissatisfied with his subordinates.

“Boss Qiu, how big is Binhai There are more than ten million people. We are looking for a person among more than ten million people. This is actually like looking for a needle in a haystack, ” Ah Biao explained to Qiu Yitang in a low voice. “Besides, even if you say that you know she is with Dongfang Yunheng, who knows how many properties Dongfang Yunheng has in Binhai “Moreover, his properties are all invisible. There’s no way to find out. “

“That Bastard Dongfang Yunheng is clearly engaged to Gu Chenchen. He’s Gu Chenchen’s fianc��, and now he’s actually interested in Fang Xiao. ” Qiu Yitang was extremely frustrated when he said this. He had never dreamed before that.. His love rival actually had such a powerful background.

Qiu Yitang’s thoughts were really a little funny. He listed Dongfang Yunheng as his love rival, and there was no so-called love between him and Fang Xiao. There was still a marriage in the past, and now there wasn’t even a marriage.

Ah Biao also didn’t understand Qiu Yitang’s personality. As far as he knew, Qiu Yitang had always doted on Du Caiwei. Du Caiwei was blind, and he was more anxious than anyone else It was as if he couldn’t wait to find a cornea to replace her.

Now, Du Caiwei’s eyes were bright again, and she was becoming more and more beautiful. Qiu Yitang suddenly ignored Du Caiwei, and even wanted to find his ex-wife, Fang Xiao, whom he used to hate.

“By the way, how are the immigration procedures for Du Caiwei going? ” Qiu Yitang immediately remembered this matter, so he quickly asked his assistant.

“The immigration procedures are not easy to handle now, ” Ah Biao reported truthfully to Qiu Yitang. Seeing Qiu Yitang glaring at him, Qiu Yitang quickly explained So he quickly explained, “moreover, Miss Du Caiwei requested you to emigrate to France, and the French immigration is the slowest, so I estimate that it will take at least half a year. “

Hearing Ah Biao’s words, Qiu Yitang thought about the conditions of the French immigration and finally did not say anything more. He just waved his hand to show that he understood and asked Ah Biao to quickly leave.

Ah Biao hesitated for a moment when he turned around. Actually, he had found out another matter and did not know if he should report it to Qiu Yitang. However, seeing that Qiu Yitang was so impatient, in the end, he did not say anything and walked away.

However, it was precisely because Ah Biao did not say anything this time that it caused a lot of trouble for Qiu Yitang later on. Of course, this was a later topic, so he did not say anything for now.