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Chapter 1928: Chapter 1928 clearly knew that the result would be like this


Fang Xiao panted heavily, not even bothering to glare at Dongfang Yunheng. Dongfang Yunheng, on the other hand, looked at her with a smile on his face. His slightly rough fingers gently wiped away the saliva at the corner of her lips Then, he whispered to her, “Fang Xiao, you are an adult, and I am also an adult. Let’s not talk about the past. When I bring you to appear in front of my family, I think you should understand what I mean. It is impossible for me, Dongfang Yunheng, to bring a mistress to appear in front of my family and friends. So, you should understand what I mean by doing this. “

This time, Fang Xiao was completely stunned. Actually, it wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it, but the moment this thought appeared in her mind, she would consciously suppress it.

It was no longer possible between her and Dongfang Yunheng. Back then, she had hurt him like that, and now, she had married someone. Not only had she lost her virginity, but she had also had a miscarriage, and now, she was a one-eyed man with only one eye.

With this kind of her, even if Dongfang Yunheng didn’t care about the harm she had done to him five years ago, she still understood that she had lost the ability to make him fall in love with her. At the same time, the Dongfang family would never accept such a person into their family.

It was her principle not to dream about things that she should not have. Because she had long passed the age of seventeen or eighteen, no matter what Dongfang Yunheng did to her, she had always put herself in the position of a prostitute. Dongfang Yunheng was her sugar Daddy.

“Dongfang Yunheng, I think you have misunderstood me. I did not… “

“My parents said that they would meet you in two days, ” Dongfang Yunheng quickly interrupted Fang Xiao before she could finish her sentence. Then, he reached out to grab her and walked to his car.

“What? Your parents want to see me? ” Fang Xiao was completely stunned. She had never thought that Dongfang Yunheng would tell his parents everything about her. How could her parents be willing to see her?

“I. . . Can I not see your parents? ” Fang Xiao asked carefully. Her heart could not withstand such a sudden incident …

“Of course not. ” Dongfang Yunheng glared at her and said in a bad mood, “do you think that my parents are very idle people who can meet anyone they want? “

Of course not, that was for sure. Dongfang Yunheng’s parents were the chairman and the wife of the chairman of the Dongfang Group, and the chairman of the Dongfang Group, Dongfang Mo, was a world-famous person. He was not someone that anyone could meet just because they wanted to It was said that many ceos of large companies had to make an appointment in advance to meet.

But because of this, she did not dare to meet him. Moreover, Mrs. Dongfang had a lot of opinions about her. Five years ago, she had told her that she was not good enough for Xi Lingheng, and now, of course, she was not good enough for Dongfang Yunheng.

She knew the outcome, and she knew that going to meet him would only humiliate herself. What was she going to do Let Dongfang Yunheng’s parents humiliate her again?

So, just as she was about to open her mouth to reject him again.. However, Dongfang Yunheng spoke before she could. “Fang Xiao, I know that you have a lot of concerns. I Apologize For chasing you away when I returned from France last year, but this time, I sincerely want to be with you. I sincerely want to introduce you to my family. “

Fang Xiao bit the corner of her lips when she heard this. She was not interested in the so-called sincerity because any sincerity would only hurt her even more, so she had to avoid it.