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Chapter 1927: Chapter 1927, why are You spouting nonsense


“Oh, that’s fine. I’ll call her later and tell her. ” Dongfang Yunheng glanced at Gu Chenchen beside him as he spoke. “Then, I won’t be playing golf today. I’ll accompany Fang Xiao back first. “

Gu Chenchen was momentarily stunned. Then, he forced a smile and nodded. He looked at Fang Xiao and said warmly, “Miss Fang, long time no see. Where have you been working recently? “

“Fang Xiao Works at my place, ” Dongfang Yunheng answered before Fang Xiao could Then, he smiled and introduced Fang Xiao, “this is Miss Gu Chenchen. You used to meet her when you were my secretary. Now, she is preparing to leave the modeling industry and enter the entertainment industry. “

“Miss Gu is amazing. ” Fang Xiao looked at Gu Chenchen and followed Dongfang Yunheng’s words to compliment her. “Miss Gu is so beautiful. I believe that she will soon become very popular in the entertainment industry. “

“Chenchen, you have met Fang Xiao before. ” Dongfang Yunheng said to Gu Chenchen, “she used to be my personal secretary. Now, she is my girlfriend! “

Fang Xiao and Gu Chenchen were both stunned. Neither of them had expected Dongfang Yunheng to make such an introduction for the two of them. Such an introduction was unacceptable to both of them.

Fang Xiao was faster. She was about to open her mouth to explain, but Dongfang Yunheng did not give her a chance to speak. He grabbed her wrist and tried to scold her in front of her However, he said in a very doting manner, “Xiao Xiao, why is your hand so hot? Do you have a fever? “

Before Fang Xiao could answer, she was trying her best to break free from Dongfang Yunheng’s hand Dongfang Yunheng turned to Gu Chenchen, who was still standing there, and said, “well, Chenchen, Fang Xiao’s hand is cold. I’m afraid she has a cold. I have to take her to the hospital. I won’t play golf with you today. We can play again when we have time. “

Dongfang Yunheng didn’t care what Gu Chenchen was thinking. Of course, he didn’t wait for her answer. He immediately pulled Fang Xiao, who was still in a daze, and walked to the entrance of the golf course.

“Hey, Dongfang Yunheng, how can you say such nonsense? ” Fang Xiao finally came to her senses and began to panic. She quickly retorted, “you and I are clearly… “

Before Fang Xiao could finish her words, and of course, before she had the chance to finish, Dongfang Yunheng lowered his head. His thin lips accurately landed on Fang Xiao’s pink lips, just like the lid of a teacup landing on the mouth of a teacup He immediately sealed Fang Xiao’s chattering mouth.

Fang Xiao only felt a wave of dizziness. With this sudden kiss from Dongfang Yunheng, Fang Xiao instinctively lost her footing and leaned back. Dongfang Yunheng quickly stretched out an arm to support her… …

This sudden kiss, such intensity, such intensity, Fang Xiao could not even resist, let alone fight back.

Therefore, she was completely muddled in an instant. She forgot to struggle, forget to resist, and even forgot that her feet were free. She could totally use her feet to kick Dongfang Yunheng, who was attacking her.

Dongfang Yunheng’s kiss was so swift that it blocked all her breathing passages. Just when Fang Xiao thought that she would suffocate and die from Dongfang Yunheng’s kiss, Dongfang Yunheng finally let her go. …

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