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Chapter 1924: Chapter 1924: My brother and I are best friends


Fang Xiao listened quietly during breakfast. She had met Dongfang Yunheng’s eldest sister, Dongfang Yu, once at the full moon wine where Dongfang Yunheng’s friend was. She was a top-notch beauty, and it was said that she was an artist.

After breakfast, Fang Xiao wanted to go to work because Dongfang Yunheng gave her a week’s holiday. Her holiday ended yesterday, and today was work time. She had to clean up his lakeside villa and Jiangnan famous city.

“Mu Yao, I’m going to work. ” Fang Xiao saw that Mu Yao had no intention of leaving, so she said to her, “you can sit here by yourself. There’s a computer over there, and there’s a hanging basket on the balcony… “

“Work? ” Mu Yao quickly interrupted Fang Xiao’s words and looked at her with a puzzled face. “where do you work? It’s already past nine in the morning. Aren’t you late for work? “

“I… ” Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment Then she said indifferently, “I’m doing a part-time job. There are two houses that need cleaning today, and the owner of your house didn’t strictly set my schedule, so there’s no problem of being late. “

“Oh, part-time job? ” Mu Yao immediately understood So she came over and pulled her hand, saying, “Sigh, since there’s no time limit for part-time jobs, then why are you rushing to work? The weather is so good today, let’s go out and play. I know a place that’s very fun. “

“I… “

“Let’s go, my treat. ” Mu Yao immediately pulled Fang Xiao out of the door and said, “we’re going to play golf. In this weather, the sun is bright and the grass is green. It’s a good time to play golf. “

Fang Xiao did not know how to play golf. Although the Fang family was considered a wealthy family in Huicheng, Huicheng was a third-tier city after all. Moreover, Huicheng did not have golf, so she had never been to a golf course.

However, Dongfang Mu Yao was a golf expert at such a young age, and Fang Xiao was forcibly dragged away by her. She was even dragged to the underground parking lot of Yunxiao court.

A car was waiting for them. Mu Yao pulled Fang Xiao into the car and instructed the driver to drive. Fang Xiao guessed that this person was probably the Dongfang family’s driver.

It took Yunxiao court about half an hour to walk to the golf course in the suburbs. They arrived not long after. When Fang Xiao got out of the car, she found out that Mu Yao had arranged to play golf with a group of friends.

The golf course had a professional coach. Mu Yao asked Fang Xiao to learn golf. Fang Xiao shook her head and said that she did not like golf and asked her to play. There was no need to care about her. She just wanted to watch them play.

Mu Yao saw that Fang Xiao insisted on going She could not help but laugh. “Fang Xiao, how can you not even learn golf? ” My big brother loved to play golf, and my big brother was so handsome, just like a prince. There were naturally many female friends outside, but you were so inflexible. How could you keep him after marriage?

“AFTER MARRIAGE? ” Fang Xiao was stunned for a moment before she reacted, so she quickly explained to Mu Yao, “Mu Yao, you misunderstood. The relationship between your big brother and I is not what you think. We are just… “

“misunderstanding? Who Misunderstood? ” Mu Yao quickly interrupted Fang Xiao’s words She looked at Fang Xiao’s embarrassed face and smiled, “don’t worry. My Big Brother and I are best friends. We are in the same trenches. Although some people feel that you are doing well, I feel that you are not bad. I will definitely support you and my big brother. “