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Chapter 1923: Chapter 1923 I am called Dongfang Mu Yao


Then, the person who rang the doorbell should be looking for Dongfang Yunheng. After all, he had many people, and his family doctor, secretary, assistant, and so on all knew about this place.

Fang Xiao wanted to not open the door, but the doorbell kept ringing. It was completely as if if you don’t open the door, I will keep pressing it. I am even sure that there is someone in this room.

Fang Xiao was finally disturbed by the doorbell. In the end, she walked over to open the door. The moment she pulled the door open, she was completely stunned, because outside the door stood a young girl with a smile on her face.

This young girl was the one who sprained her ankle yesterday and asked her to help buy shoes. She was also the one who Dongfang Yunheng’s friend, the full moon wine, said that she had lost gold and picked up coal.

Fang Xiao was completely stunned, but the young girl did not look surprised when she saw her. She only said indifferently, “Hehe, what a coincidence to meet you here. “

Even if Fang Xiao was a fool, she knew that this matter was definitely not a coincidence anymore, so she said indifferently, “you’re looking for Dongfang Yunheng, right? But he’s not here. You should meet him another day… “

“Hehe, I know he’s not here. ” The young girl could not help but laugh. She pushed the door open and walked in As she placed the bag in her hand on the dining table, she said with a smile, “my big brother told me that you’ve been eating instant noodles for a week, so he asked me to buy you some breakfast to send over. “

“Your Big Brother? ” Fang Xiao looked at her with a puzzled gaze. She frowned slightly and asked, “who’s your big brother? “

“Dongfang Yunheng. ” The young girl’s face was beaming with a bright smile She pointed at the lunch box on the dining table and said, “big brother said that you like to eat soup dumplings and bratwurst the most, and Binhai’s soup dumplings are the best at the Bamboo pavilion at the East Gate, and the Bratwurst is the best at Li Wan at the West Gate. So, I ran to the east gate and the West Gate in the morning. For these two kinds of breakfast, I ran half of Binhai. “

“…”Fang Xiao was speechless. What was Dongfang Yunheng up to They were clearly in a romantic relationship, but why did he want his family to know that she lived here?

“Hurry up and get some chopsticks to eat. ” Mu Yao saw Fang Xiao standing there and couldn’t help but push her arm. “If you don’t eat, it will get cold, and these two things won’t taste good when they get cold. “

“Oh. ” Fang Xiao finally reacted and quickly said, “I haven’t brushed my teeth and washed my face. I’ll eat after I brush my teeth and wash my face. “

As Fang Xiao spoke, she quickly turned around and walked into the bathroom. Since Dongfang Yunheng’s sister had brought her breakfast, and she had traveled half of Binhai City, she had no objection to Dongfang Yunheng’s arrangement She couldn’t help but appreciate her younger sister’s kindness.

When Fang Xiao came out of the bathroom, Mu Yao was already waiting for her at the dining table. Fang Xiao didn’t know her name, so she called her very politely, “Miss Dongfang, I’ve troubled you too much. It’s just a breakfast… “

“What Miss Dongfang? ” Mu Yao was obviously dissatisfied with Fang Xiao’s words. She quickly interrupted her, then corrected her in a serious manner, “my name is Dongfang Mu Yao. You can call me Mu Yao in the future, or you can call me Mu Yao. “

Mu Yao smiled when she said this. She saw the confusion on Fang Xiao’s face Then, she quickly explained, “Mu Yao’s nickname was given to me by my big sister. She even called me little devil. Later, I strongly objected to the nickname of little devil, so she changed it to Mu Yao for me. “