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Chapter 1921: Chapter 1921 Mr. Qiu, don’t worry about me


Fang Xiaocai bade farewell from the principal’s office. As she walked on the spacious stadium of the special school, she looked up at the sky and felt that today’s sky was especially blue.

Her agreement with Dongfang Yunheng would expire in eight days. In other words, after eight days, she would be free.

As for her younger brother, Fang Chen, he finally lived up to her expectations and slowly walked out on his own path. In the future, even if his iq never reached the level of a normal person, he would still have his own career.

She walked out of the gate of the special school and let out a long breath. She only felt extremely relaxed. At this moment, her phone rang, and the screen showed an unfamiliar number.

She hesitated for a moment before she pressed the answer button. Before she could speak, Qiu Yitang’s voice came from her phone, “Fang Xiao, the date of the surgery I helped Fang Chen with last year is almost up. Do you want to take Fang Chen to the United States for surgery? “

Fang Xiao never thought that Qiu Yitang would actually remember Fang Chen’s surgery, and she had long forgotten about this matter.

To be honest, when she married Qiu Yitang, her goal at that time was to perform surgery on Fang Chen. However, after her marriage with Qiu Yitang broke down and a series of things happened, she had completely given up on performing surgery on Fang Chen.

Now, Fang Chen had already walked down another path. In other words, even though his Iq had always remained at the level of a four-or five-year-old child, he could still have his own career and still earn his own money to eat.

Therefore, when Qiu Yitang asked about her on the phone, she pondered for a moment and then said indifferently, “thank you, Mr. Qiu, but there’s no need for that. My brother is very well now and doesn’t need any surgery. “

“Fang Xiao, how could you do this? ” Qiu Yitang immediately took over Fang Xiao’s words on the other side of the phone and then hurriedly said, “Fang Xiao, Fang Chen is already so old. The surgery can’t be delayed any longer. I think you should think about Fang Chen’s future. After all… “

“Qiu Yitang, of course, I will think about my own younger brother, ” Fang Xiao coldly interrupted Qiu Yitang’s words Then, she said extremely coldly, “So, don’t trouble Mr. Qiu to worry. The two of us will live very well. As for what Mr. Qiu said about the surgery, I’m sorry. Fang Xiao is already a one-eyed person. There’s really nothing worthy for Mr. Qiu to negotiate with… “. “… “…”

“Fang Xiao, I didn’t mean that, ” Qiu Yitang hurriedly said. Then, he quickly confessed, “Fang Xiao, I know you only have one eye. Don’t worry. I’ve been helping you find your cornea. I believe… “

“Mr. Qiu, you shouldn’t worry about Fang Xiao like this, ” Fang Xiao interrupted Qiu Yitang again Then she said righteously, “Mr. Qiu, please don’t be kind to me anymore, because I only have one eye, and I don’t want to lose another eye because of my relationship with Mr. Qiu. If that happens, my life is probably over. “

After saying that, Fang Xiao immediately cut off the phone, not giving Qiu Yitang a chance to speak. At the same time, she quickly turned off the phone after hanging up, not giving Qiu Yitang a chance to call again.

After hanging up the phone, she looked up at the sky, took a deep breath, and then let out a long breath. Silently, she apologized to her younger brother, Fang Chen.