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Chapter 1920: Chapter 1920, familiar words


“Then I’ll take my leave first. You don’t have anything else to help me with, do you? ” Fang Xiao saw the young girl trying to take two steps with her shoes on, so she asked indifferently.

“I don’t have anything else. ” The young girl had a sweet smile on her face. Seeing that Fang Xiao was about to turn around.. She couldn’t help but say, “I used to think that you were just a woman who lost her gold and picked up the coal. Now I think that you are actually a very pragmatic and not hypocritical woman. “

Lost her gold and picked up the coal Fang Xiao was instinctively stunned. She felt that these words were familiar. She thought for a moment before she said it. It seemed like Dongfang Yunheng had brought her to attend some child’s full moon banquet. …

No wonder she felt that this girl looked familiar. So it was the girl from that night. She was… …

Fang Xiao was about to ask the girl what she meant by being here today, but when she looked up, the girl had already drifted far away and was not within her range of calling out to her.

Fang Xiao thought that meeting the young girl should be an accident. After all, the young girl was not familiar with her. Even though she had seen her at Dongfang Yunheng’s friend’s birthday party, they were still not familiar.

As for the money for the pair of shoes, it was only 98 yuan. She believed that the young girl would return it to her. After all, the young girls who could appear at such a party must be the children of rich families.

Of course, even if the young girl did not return it to her, it would only be 98 yuan. Although she was very poor, she could still afford to lose 98 yuan. 98 Yuan was gone, and it was not to the extent of leaving her with no way out.

This was her last day of vacation. Her mood, which she had originally wanted to buy vegetables and cook, had long been ruined because she met Gu Chenchen and the girl. Therefore, after the girl left, she did not return to the big shopping mall.

It was still early. She thought that she should go to the school to see her brother. After all, his last birthday was not good because he met Qiu Yitang, so she wanted to go and see him again today. Maybe her brother did not need to train today.

However, when she took the bus to the special school, she found out that her brother was not in school. Instead, he went to city g with the school’s basketball team to play a game. He even said that he would not come back until tomorrow.

“We have high hopes for this child, Fang Chen, ” the principal said to Fang Xiao. “His iq is indeed not high. He is below 80, which means that he does not meet the standards of a normal person. However, his physical development, especially his sprinting and jumping, is much better than a normal person. Therefore, we are currently contacting the regular basketball team to see if we can transfer him to the regular Bincheng Youth Basketball Reserve team. “

“thank you. ” When Fang Xiao heard the principal say this, she was immediately moved Her voice trembled because of her excitement. “thank you, principal. If I can let Fang Chen have a better development, I will work hard. Even if the expenses are higher, I will work hard to earn it. “

“Hehehe, it’s good that Fang Chen has a sister like you, ” the principal couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Fang Xiao’s words Then she said to her, “Oh right, we were just about to inform you. Because Fang Chen is a special student in our school, we are prepared to reduce his tuition fees. If he can officially join Binhai City’s Youth Basketball Reserve team, then he won’t have to pay tuition fees in the future. Moreover, he can receive a certain amount of living expenses every month. “

The principal paused for a moment, then looked at Fang Xiao and said, “so, you don’t have to work so hard in the future. Of course, Fang Chen still can’t do without your care and encouragement. You still have to come to the school more often to see him and chat with him more. “