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Chapter 1919: Chapter 1919 you will marry a good husband


Fang Xiao saw how pitiful the girl sounded and finally nodded. She pointed at a shoe store diagonally across the street and said, “let’s go to that shoe store and see if they have shoes like yours. “

“Okay. ” The girl immediately became happy. She lifted her feet and was about to walk, but her shoes were rotten and she could not walk. So she looked at Fang Xiao with a bitter face.

“I can’t carry you, ” Fang Xiao said almost instinctively. Although this girl still looked like a girl, she was taller than her. It would be strange if she could carry her.

The young girl looked at her and nodded. Then, she said sympathetically, “that’s true. You’re so short. You’re not even 170, right? I’m 175. It would be strange if you could carry me. “

Fang Xiao was so angry that she was speechless. This girl couldn’t be bored to mock her for being short, right But what did her short stature have to do with this girl?

“Take off one of your shoes and give it to me. I’ll go over and buy a pair for you. ” Fang Xiao didn’t want to be entangled with this girl anymore Then, she said indifferently, “I’ll leave my card number with you later. When you go back, just transfer the money for this pair of shoes to my card. “

The girl nodded and immediately took off the broken shoe and handed it to her. At the same time, she also said, “you’re such a good person. You’ll definitely be able to marry a good husband in the future. “

“I’m already divorced, ” Fang Xiao replied indifferently when she took the shoe.

“Oh… I’m sorry. ” The girl didn’t expect that her words would hit Fang Xiao’s sore spot. Then, she quickly added, “I’m talking about you in the future. You’ll definitely be able to find a good husband when you get married for the second time. “

The corner of Fang Xiao’s mouth twitched instinctively, but she stopped chewing. She took the girl’s sandals and walked towards the fashion shoe store opposite the shoes, hoping to find a pair of identical shoes.

Because Fang Xiao had been walking seriously without turning back, she did not notice the meaningful smile on the girl’s face.

The girl’s sandals were fashion shoes. The style was novel, but because they were not branded or limited edition, they were usually available in the shoe stores on the street. Fang Xiao quickly bought a pair of identical shoes for her.

When Fang Xiao returned with the pair of shoes, the girl was already sitting on the steps eating popsicles. She frowned instinctively. Didn’t the girl say that she didn’t have money? Where did she get popsicles from?

The girl saw her frown and explained indifferently, “I only have three yuan left on me. I bought this popsicle with one yuan and left two yuan for the bus back later. “

“…”Fang Xiao was a little speechless at the girl’s behavior. Girls nowadays really knew how to spend money. They only had one yuan left on them and would only go home after spending it.

However, Fang Xiao did not criticize the girl’s behavior. After she handed the shoes to the girl, she took out a notepad and pen from her bag and quickly wrote her card number on the NOTEPAD.

“here, transfer the money for the shoes to my card when you go back. ” Fang Xiao saw that the girl had already changed into the shoes, and then she added lightly, “the shoes are 98 yuan. Don’t transfer too much to me. “

“98 yuan? That’s so cheap? ” The girl was obviously shocked when she heard her words. Seeing that she nodded, she could not help but lower her head and say, “I even bought them online for 115 yuan. “

Fang Xiao did not comment on the girl’s words. There were some things on the Internet that were cheaper than physical stores, but it did not mean that all of them were cheaper than physical stores. Occasionally, buying an item that was more expensive than physical stores was not something new.