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Chapter 1917: Chapter 1917, five years ago


“Miss Gu, if there’s nothing else, I think I’ll take my leave first. ” Fang Xiao finally could not help but interrupt Gu Chenchen, who was talking with great interest, and then quickly added, “I still have other things to do. “

“Yun Heng and I truly fell in love five years ago. ” Gu Chenchen finally stopped talking about the things that happened when they were young, but she did not intend to let Fang Xiao leave either Instead, she continued, “that was five years ago in the winter. The State of New Jersey in the United States was so cold that there was almost no temperature at all, and my Yun Heng almost died in New Jersey that year. “

Fang Xiao’s brows furrowed instinctively. Five years ago in the winter of New Jersey in the United States, that was the day she broke up with Xi Lingheng. That time, she had actually almost died in the ice and snow.

“Yun Heng was abandoned by a heartless woman in New Jersey. That woman’s heart was extraordinarily vicious. She actually threw away my Yun Heng in a snowstorm that was hard to come by in decades, and Yun Heng… “

Gu Chenchen was so upset that she could hardly speak. Tears welled up in her eyes. She covered her nose and mouth with a tissue and sobbed for a long time before she spoke again.

“When I rushed to New Jersey, Yun Heng was lying on the bed in his small apartment. He was so skinny that he didn’t even react when he saw me. “

“You don’t know how much my heart hurts. I sat beside him and held his warm hand in my own. But his hand was so cold. No matter how I held it, his hand couldn’t warm up. “

“Yun Heng was too stupid. He was really too stupid. ” Gu Chenchen couldn’t hold back her tears when she spoke of the depths of her love Her voice was choked with sobs. “that woman who loves vanity, that woman who covets wealth and wealth, is also worthy of him being so sad and sad. She didn’t even eat or drink for a few days, and in the end, she even gave herself a stomach ache. “

Fang Xiao originally did not plan to listen to what Gu Chenchen said, but this woman kept talking. She even talked about New Jersey five years ago and the situation after she and Xi Lingheng broke up.

She did not know how exaggerated Gu Chenchen’s words were, but when Gu Chenchen said that Xi lingheng did not eat or drink for a few days and nights, that he was cold and had no temperature, she admitted that her heart hurt It was as though a sharp blade had pierced into her chest, causing her to almost suffocate in that instant.

Those days, after parting with Xi Lingheng, she had left in a hurry back then. She had not even gone to inquire about what would happen to him in the future, or to think about how he would return to his apartment in that world of ice and snow.

Shi Guang had walked so far, and the story between her and him was now being brought up by his fianc��e. It was undoubtedly to tell her that many things would pass by in the past, and that time could not be reversed, and that she and he would not be able to start over.

“Five years ago, New Jersey was so cold. Yun Heng and I were living in that tiny apartment of his. He refused to eat, and I fed him with a spoon without eating. In the end, I had no choice but to feed him with my mouth, letting him eat something. Otherwise, he would have died

“and his body was so cold that there was no warmth. In the end, I could only disregard the differences between men and women and climb onto his bed by myself, using my body to warm his body… “

Gu Chenchen paused for a moment Then, she took a deep breath and said, “Miss Fang, you may look down on me, but I love him so much. I won’t allow him to die because of another woman. And that vicious woman, I will never let her return to Yun Heng’s side. “