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Chapter 1914: Chapter 1914: Looking for a job


Therefore, she quickly got up, washed up, and left the house without even eating breakfast. She only wanted to rush to Jiangnan’s famous city as soon as possible, so she could not delay the work that she needed to do.

However, just as she walked out of the door and was waiting for the elevator at the elevator, her phone rang. It was actually Dongfang Yunheng. It was rare for him, a CEO, to have such a precious time in the morning, to actually find time to call her.

She was slightly stunned for a moment, but in the end, she still pressed the answer button. Before she could speak in a hurry, Dongfang Yunheng’s deep voice was heard, “Xiaoxiao, are you up? “

“Yes, I’m up, ” she replied indifferently. There was someone by the elevator. She immediately took her phone and walked to the window. She asked casually, “what’s the matter? “

Dongfang Yunheng’s low laughter came from the other side of the phone, followed by a gentle voice. “Don’t go to work today. Rest at home. I’ll give you a week’s monthly leave. “

” … ” Fang Xiao was immediately speechless. After a long while, she asked, “Um, will your salary be deducted during the holiday? “

“Um… “

On the other end of the phone, Dongfang Yunheng was silent for a long time. No one knew whether he was busy or angry, but he finally lowered his voice after a long time. He even gritted his teeth and said, no, it was a single word, “yes. “

After Dongfang Yunheng said this word, he hung up the phone. Fang Xiao looked at her phone and shrugged, not going to delve into the meaning behind Dongfang Yunheng’s final word.

It didn’t matter. Anyway, she and Dongfang Yunheng would soon be separated. Whether he was gritting his teeth or angry, she wouldn’t take it to heart. As long as he returned her salary during the holiday, it would be fine.

Because it was a holiday, Fang Xiao was free all of a sudden. For a week’s holiday, she only needed to clean up Yunxiao pavilion and then Cook for herself.

Generally, girls’desire for holidays was to go shopping. However, Fang Xiao didn’t like to go shopping. At the same time, she had her period, so it wasn’t suitable for her to exercise. Therefore, she stayed in Dongfang Yunheng’s Yunxiao pavilion all day and couldn’t even be bothered to go downstairs.

Of course, she didn’t stay in Yunxiao pavilion just to eat, sleep, and eat. Because her agreement with Dongfang Yunheng was about to expire, she had to make plans for her final destination.

She had already received a reply to the resume she sent out last time. There were several emails in her mailbox, and one of them was from the landscaping company. They said that they wanted to continue with a talent like her. As long as she went over, if she did well.. They would definitely not mistreat her in terms of salary.

At the same time, two foreign trade companies and a wedding company replied to her email. Because she wanted to stay away from Binhai, she didn’t consider these companies and directly replied to the landscaping company’s email She said that she could go to work next month.

Perhaps it was because of her period, Dongfang Yunheng hadn’t come to the Cloud Sky Pavilion in the past two days. She didn’t take it to heart. Anyway, that man and his fianc��e needed to take care of both. It was normal for him not to come to her place.

Fang Xiao thought that her vacation this week would be spent in such a quiet and relaxing place. However, there were always some accidents that happened. For example, some people would appear in front of you unexpectedly, such as Gu Chenchen!

To be honest, Fang Xiao had never thought of meeting Gu Chenchen alone. She had even less thought of sitting down and having a private chat with Gu Chenchen. After all, the two of them were not on the same level.