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Chapter 1907: Chapter 1907 asked her to drive


Fang Xiao’s speed was naturally not fast. Although she was driving on the highway, she had always maintained a speed of 60 because if she drove any faster, she was afraid that if her vision was not good, she would be in trouble if she got into a traffic accident later.

Fortunately, Zheng Zihao did not rush her and allowed her to drive at a moderate speed. The moon outside the window was almost round. Zheng Zihao felt that on such a night, driving at such a speed was just right.

Because it was night and because she was running on the highway in the mountains, Fang Xiao did not turn on the air conditioner. Zheng Zihao pressed down the window, and Fang Xiao’s long shoulder-length hair danced in the wind.

Perhaps it was because she had not driven for a long time, the current Fang Xiao still felt very comfortable driving on this night even though she only had one eye. The evening wind whistled past the window, and her long hair fluttered in the wind Her originally depressed mood also became better, so she gradually adapted to the discomfort of one eye.

Zheng Zihao sat in the passenger seat for a while, and then reached out to press the car CD. Thus, a song by Fang Xiao, who didn’t know who the singer was, rang in the car:

It turns out that my world with you / is separated by the ambiguous night / your love is not the kind of cordial I want / wait for time to let me understand. . .

If the gaze could be a little firmer / I wouldn’t care about all that / if it’s not worth loving, I would reject it and ignore it. . .

Silent Acceleration / is my footsteps / running in the line of sight / I don’t want blessings / I don’t care about loneliness / running to the furthest place. …

The night, the song, and the environment were actually more suitable for driving fast. Zheng Zihao couldn’t help but suggest to Fang Xiao, “Fang Xiao, drive faster. There aren’t many cars on the road at the moment, so you can definitely race. “

Fang Xiao shook her head, looked at him from the side and said indifferently, “No, I personally don’t like driving fast. Moreover, my driving skills aren’t very good, so safety should be the priority, right? “

Actually, Fang Xiao thought to herself, I didn’t mean to drive so slowly on purpose. It’s just that I can’t see with one eye, so my vision will definitely be limited. If I drive fast and suddenly a car overtakes me from behind, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it in time.

Zheng Zihao saw that Fang Xiao wasn’t willing to drive fast, so he didn’t say anything more. Moreover, it was such a night, and they were sitting in such a car. It was rare to have such a quiet moment, and the songs on the CD were so moving.. And the sound of each other’s breathing was so clear that it was close to their ears. …

It was rare to have such a moment, and it was rare to have such an almost. Being together with her like this was a kind of enjoyment. It could be said to be a luxury enjoyment. …

Because Fang Xiao’s driving speed was slow, it had been two hours since they returned to the city from Mount Qiniang. She parked her car at the side of a certain street, then very naturally pushed open the car door and got out.

“Hey, Fang Xiao, do you live here? ” Zheng Zihao saw Fang Xiao get out of the car and followed her out. When he saw Fang Xiao walking towards the roadside, he could not help but call out to her.

“I live near here, ” Fang Xiao explained indifferently, and then said, “thank you, tonight’s chicken dinner was very delicious. “

“Why are you being so polite with me? ” Zheng Zihao replied indifferently, and then walked over to ask, “where exactly do you live? Can’t I just drive you back? “

“No need. I’m nearby. I can walk for a few minutes, ” Fang Xiao refused again. She would never let Zheng Zihao drive her back to cloud sky pavilion.